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McQuay air conditions Plantation Place

Published:  21 February, 2005

Plantation Place
Representing a £750 000-plus air-condition contract for McQuay UK is Plantation Place in the City of London.

McQuay UK has completed two major R134a-based cooling contracts in London worth over £750 000. The project includes seven Easdale air-handling units.

Plantation place is one of the largest office developments in the City of London. It comprises two adjoining buildings with a total net floor area of over 65 000 m2.

Four centrifugal chillers service Plantation One, and there are two screw chillers in Plantation South.

A technical benefit of R134a is its low operating pressure, which reduces stress on major mechanical components, bearings in particular, leading to greater reliability under all conditions. Full modulating control down to 10% matches chilled water to load.

Each centrifugal machine has a cooling capacity of 1800 kW with a COP greater than six, even at part load. Reliability and low operating-and-maintenance costs helped McQuay win the order.

The two ALS single-screw chillers are each rated at 1400 kW. McQuay’s ability to supply an acoustic package within the required footprint to meet a noise specification of 61 dB(A) at 1 m helped win this order.

The largest of the Easdale air-handling units are over 10 m long with an air volume of 17.3 m3/s.

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