Modern Building Services
Donald Leeper
Partnering – improving money and trust

The benefits of partnering come more from relationships than from business processes argues DONALD LEEPER.

Adapting buildings for a warmer climate

With the higher temperatures associated with climate change, the traditional approach of using outside air for cooling buildings cannot be relied on. DR JALE HAKER and PROF MICHAEL HOLMES consider how buildings can be adapted.

St Pancras
Partners in open systems

Not only do the communications protocols BACnet and EIB provide the potential for linking controls and sensors from different manufacturers, but thay can also communicate openly with each other. CHRIS GLASOW has the details.

Eden Project
Air conditioning solutions for demanding projects

Customised air conditioning can be an insurance policy worth taking out says ROGER PALAMARCZUK

David Pepper
Exploiting the benefits of direct-gas-fired water heating

DAVID PEPPER examines the issues solved by considering direct-gas-fired water heaters.

AC unit
Being more sensible about air conditioning enhances energy efficiency

Air conditioning can be provided more efficiently simply by designing it not to remove so much water vapour from the air — as PHILLIP ORD explains

buffer store
Heat pumps as a viable renewable-energy source

The ability of heat pumps to extract renewable energy from the ground continuously for relatively little energy input gives them a key role to play in the future of space heating. STEWART PURCHASE explains.

New boilers for old radiators

Condensing boilers can be installed into existing heating systems without having to change the radiators. PETER GAMMON explains how.

roof terminations
Putting lightpipes to the test

Lightpipes that bring daylight into the heart of a building are an effective way to use renewable energy. Their efficiency has increased to over 50%, and moves are afoot to combine lightpipes with PV energy to provide lighting day and night, as TERRY PAYNE explains.

Delegating to a building-management system

The ability of computer science to learn from experience and anticipate events can be put to good use in building-management systems, says JAMES PALMER.

Wetherspoon calls time on electric air conditioning

Total power failures in a Wetherspoon pub at Wimbledon have been overcome using a solution put together from Sanyo’s GHP gas-power range of VRF equipment.

Good refrigeration costs less at Sainsbury’s

Sainsbury’s has reduced its refrigeration energy use by 15%, amounting to over £4 million a year, across 456 of its stores. The savings have been obtained by using Parasense energy-monitoring, optimisation and exception equipment. The savings represent 5% of Sainsbury’s total energy use.

Carbon Trust
Carbon Trust lights the way to energy savings

The potential to reduce the electricity consumption of the offices of the Carbon Trust in London by 25% has been provided by the installation of an automatic lighting-control system. Carbon Trust is the company set up by the Government to help the UK meet its climate-change obligations.

EWS provides strategic support for telecommunications campus

EWS residential engineers play a key role at the energy-efficient campus of Cable & Wireless at Bracknell by supplying HVAC service and maintenance expertise.

Oventrop valves achieve installation-time savings

Major reductions in installation time have been achieved using Oventrop’s Cocon 4 control valves on 60 fan-coil units providing air conditioning for a distribution and office building on Kitescroft Business Park in Fareham. They were installed by Encon Special Projects.

aerial view
Students warm to condensing boilers

Over 120 wall-hung condensing boilers from Broag’s Quinta range will provide heating and hot water for the biggest development of student accommodation in Europe. The £120 million project will provide 2272 beds in 20 buildings. Facilities include a self-contained laundry and social block.

NUS Consulting
Critical-IT air conditioning overcomes installation challenges

The use of Emerson Network Power air-conditioning systems protects IT equipment in the new office of NUS Consulting at Redhill.

Jerwood Centre
Koolduct is poetry in ductwork

Built to preserve the works of William Wordsworth and his contemporary English poets, the 3-storey Jerwood Collections Centre incorporates the Kingspan KoolDuct system as part of environmental control to protect fragile documents. Built near Dove Cottage at Grasmere in the Lake District, where Wordsworth lived for nine years during his most creative period, this vbisitor centre attracts 75 000 visitors a year.

Plantation Place
McQuay air conditions Plantation Place

McQuay UK has completed two major R134a-based cooling contracts in London worth over £750 000. The project includes seven Easdale air-handling units.

Bitzer cooling system sets the pace in training chamber

Accurate temperature control for an environmental chamber to train athletes in the challenging conditions they could face elsewhere in the world is provided by a Bitzer cooling system. The facility at Nottingham Trent University was used by several athletes as part of their preparations for the recent Olympic Games in Athens. It can accommodate several athletes training on various ergonometers, while doctors carry out physiological studies. The chamber provides accurate control of temperature, humidity and simulated altitude. Temperatures can range from -20 to +40°C.

VRF provides heating and cooling for historic hotel

Historic Sopwell House Hotel in St Albans has recently refurbished its 42 bedrooms with a Fujitsu VRF air-conditioning system to provide both heating and cooling.

fabric ventilation
Fabric ventilation adds a touch of style

This unusual-looking ventilation system serving the premises of Imagelinx is based on fabric ductwork dyed to blend with the interior of the building. Fabric Air supplied two separate systems, each with an airflow of 3.5 m3/s. The channels have linear slot diffusers to deliver air at low velocity. Each system comprises 710 mm-diameter heads 13 m long, with six 12 m channels 350 mm in diameter feeding from the main duct. The complete system provides year-round cooling, heating and air conditioning to maintain accurate conditions in the space.

close control unit
Airedale adds to EasiCool close-control range

Airedale has extended its EasiCool range of compact close-control air-conditioning systems with a multi-configured upflow version designed for greater versatility and efficiency.

Chillers use oil-free compressors

Oil-free centrifugal chillers using R134a and with cooling capacities from 210 to 2400 kW have been launched by Powermaster. TECS chillers are available as both air-cooled and water-cooled units.

§steam traps
Steam traps have extended life

One of the UK’s best-selling range of steam traps, Spirax Sarco’s FT ball float series, has been extended with the FTGS14 version having a stainless-steel base for longer life. It has an extended 5-year warranty.

Non-trip earth-loop tester

Reliable earth-loop measurements in electrical circuits with tripping circuit beakers can be achieved using Martindale’s EZ2100 tester, designed to meet the requirements of the 16th edition of the Wiring Regulations.

Wider range of outputs from Econoflame boilers

The expanded Econoflame range of boilers from Stokvis covers heating requirements from 100 to 600 kW. Features include high efficiency and reliability, low noise output and relatively light weight — combined with high construction standards.

Damper actuators

Only three types of electronic damper actuator from Siemens’ OpenAir range are needed to cover every normal HVAC application. They are available in types for small, medium and large positioning forces. All incorporate the Siemens cats-eye indication system to provide instant visual conformation of damper position, even if auxiliary switches are fitted. A self-centring system clamps the shaft on all sides, eliminating the risk of slippage.

Tank-in-tank calorifiers

A range of six calorifiers from MHS Boilers starts with a 60 litre unit with a high-performance output of 290 l/h and goes up to a 500 litre model with a capacity of 1475 l/h at 50°C.

Boiler condenses regardless of heating-system temperature

The R Series of condensing boilers from Atlantic Boilers achieve condensing operation throughout the year, regardless of the temperature of the heating system — and realise even higher efficiencies on maximum mid-winter load.

Outdoor housing for condensing units

A weatherproof housing for Bitzer’s Gemini condensing unit enables it to be installed outdoors.

Controller for industrial evaporative coolers

Seeley has improved the operation of its Breezair industrial evaporative cooling systems with the introduction of a wall-mounted controller. It comprises a 24-hour clock and 7-day programmable timer.

float valve
Float valve meets air-gap requirements

To facilitate meeting air-gap requirements of the Water Regulations, Keraflo has introduce a new version of the delayed-action equilibrium Aylesbury flat valve.

Controlling underfloor heating

Designed for underfloor heating systems, Heatmiser’s PRT-R2 programmable thermostat has separate settings for weekdays and weekends. A 3 m floor sensor is provided to protect the floor surface from overheating.

TP&N board
Flush fitting for TP&N distribution board

Flush-mounting kits for its Invicta 63 range of TP&N boards are now offered by Hager for applications where aesthetics or space are particularly important.

Quality pressure sensors

Sontay is now distributing high-quality sensors from Swiss manufacturer Huba Control into the UK building-services market.

Colour options for ventilation fans

Airflow’s Icon range of domestic ventilation fans is now offered in three colours — gold, silver and anthracite grey — as well as glacier white.

heat flow
Adding comfort to ventilation

An approach to delivering heated fresh air is now offered in the UK by Danish manufacturer IKM. The Comfort range of air convectors introduces outside air through a grilled opening in the wall and heats it using hot water from a wet heating system. There is no need for ducts, fans or electrical connections.

Fire dampers use LindabSafe seal spigots

Galvanised-steel curtain-bladed fire dampers from Lindab incorporate the LindabSafe seal on their circular spigots. These dampers are operated by a chain-and-bar fusible link rated at 72°C. The dampers are approved to BS 476 Part 20 1987 (four hours).

Suspended ceiling
Lightweight plenum box is quick to install

A lightweight and fully insulated plenum box is over 75% lighter than a metal equivalent, so that it can simply rest on top of a ceiling grille.

Wireless control for high-efficiency boiler

Saunier Duval’s Isofast Condense F35e domestic boiler has a SEDBUK A rating and several innovative features. Among them is a programmable wireless room thermostat.

Electrical enclosures

Specifying enclosures for electrical equipment is aided by an interactive CD from Sarel. Features on the CD include thermal management software, CAD drawings, and estimating tool and product details.

VRF catalogue
VRF air conditioning

A 20-page brochure on its R410A air-conditioning technology is available from Toshiba Air Conditioning.

Professional fees

Mechanical and electrical engineering is included for the first time in Mizra & Nacey Research’s fees survey reports. These surveys provide up-to-date information on fees across a range of construction professions to help providers and procurers of these services maximise performance and profitability.

Lighting guide
Emergency lighting

A 56-page guide to emergency lighting from the Society of Light & Lighting is intended for specifiers, designers, installers and facilities managers.

Delivering sustainability

The news that a major organisation representing building-services contractors is to debate at a high level the issue of sustainability is a crucial step in its delivery (page 5). Recent discussions with the president of the Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association, its vice-president and director clearly show that they all understand the need for sustainability — both from the environmental viewpoint and as a business opportunity. However, environmental concern is the driver on this occasion.

Positive partnering

Those who have experienced the very real benefits of partnering are strong advocates of this approach to project management. The article by Donald Leeper, president elect of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, bears eloquent testimony (page 8). His regrets are that partnering is not more widely practised and its benefits not fully realised.

CIBSE membership swells to record level

Membership of CIBSE has swelled by nearly 2000 since the beginning of 2004 — taking the membership to a record high of over 17 000. There has been growth in both UK and overseas membership, with overseas representing 25% of total membership.

Mike Taylor
HVCA president looks to a sustainable future

Sustainability has been identified by Mike Taylor, president of the Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association, as one of the greatest challenges facing the building-services industry and the construction industry as a whole. It will be the subject of a special presentation and debate at the next meeting of the association’s council.

HEVAR show comes to Glasgow

Features of the Scottish HEVAR exhibition and seminar event in Glasgow on 16 and 17 March include, for the first time in Scotland, playing host to an HVCA forum — a full morning of technical and business sessions chaired by the association’s director.