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Wireless control for high-efficiency boiler

Published:  20 February, 2005

Controlled by a wireless programmable room thermostat ó Saunier Duvalís Isofast Condense F35e boiler.

Saunier Duvalís Isofast Condense F35e domestic boiler has a SEDBUK A rating and several innovative features. Among them is a programmable wireless room thermostat.

Features of this device include operating times, temperature and heat-mode selector and more control of temperature settings. This thermostat also modulates the boiler output to minimise flow temperature so as to maximise condensing performance.

Other features include a 3-way valve, spark generator, DHW flow sensor, pump with anti-seize spine, air-to-gas ratio controller, stainless-steel heat exchanger, automatic frost protection, on-board diagnostics including text display and a built-in filling loop. There is a 2-year warranty.

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