Adding pressure to hot and cold water supplies

The Dualstream system from GAH Heating provides a way of improving the performance of hot- and cold-water outlets in homes with a poor mains supply. An accumulator stores cold mains water at mains pressure. When a tap or shower is turned on, the accumulator enhances the main supply and helps maintain the pressure to all hot and cold outlets, regardless of the flow rate on the incoming main supply. It enables more than one outlet to be run at the same time — giving better pressures and greater flow rates at taps, showers and baths. The system is useful in premises with more than one bathroom or a mains-water flow rate as low as 9 l/min. Another GAH unit, the Coldstream accumulator, can be retrofitted to any combi installation to substantially boost cold supplies to the rest of the property, guaranteeing good flow rate to the combination boiler. Darren Cooper, the company’s sales director, says, ‘To obtain the best results from the Dualstream and Coldstream systems, it is important to select the correct size of accumulator, having assessed the mains pressure, flow rate and water demand.’
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