Two new boilers hanging on a wall

New condensing, modulating boilers from Ferroli have outputs of 80 and 125 kW.
Ferroli has two wall-hung condensing boilers to its range. They have outputs of 80 and 125 kW and can be installed singly or in banks for higher outputs. The 80A and 125A gas-fired boilers have a micro-flame pre-mix burner to ensure even heat distribution and maximum combustion efficiency by accurately mixing gas and air before combustion to produce a perfect flame and drastically reduce emissions, especially of carbon dioxide. The aluminium heat exchanger contributes to an efficiency of up to 109%. Both boilers are just 900 x 445 x 430 mm and can accommodate flue lengths of up to 20 m for the 80A and 10 m for the 125 A. A multi-function display panel controls all basic parameters, and Ferroli’s OpenTherm remote fully modulating heating and time control monitors temperature continuously to modulate output and optimise efficient. These boilers can be used on pressurised or open vented systems and in modular configuration with an external pipework rig.
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