Making lighter work of lighting

Installation and running cost savings are both being achieved in this prestigious office building using an Ex-Or lighting-control system.
The need to install light switches in open-plan areas of a 3-storey office building at Burgess Hill has been eliminated by an Ex-Or lighting-control system which switches lights on and off in response to signals from presence detectors that respond to the smallest movements made by occupants; lights are also dimmed as required. The latest Building Regulations stipulate that light switches should be no further than 6 m away from the workstations of occupants. The building is now occupied by an international pharmaceuticals company as its UK headquarters. Other benefits of the lighting-control system include significant savings in energy costs. Lighting is typically half of the electricity costs of an office building, and could readily be halved by such control. The Ex-Or equipment was specified by KLEC services of Farnham. Martin Clow of KLEC says, ‘We’ve had experience of using Ex-Or equipment in other projects. We also get extremely good service from the Ex-Or project engineers and their teams. This was a big project, but had to be fast tracked into a 16-week period, so it was vital that we had total confidence in the equipment.’ Enquiry Number 94
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