Gas-powered air conditioning delivers 5-star performance for hotel

Heating and cooling services for this hotel in Cork are provided by a Sanyo VRF system driven by a gas engine.
The environmental benefits of Sanyo’s gas heat pump technology have led to it being specified to provide heating and cooling for the 5-star Fota Island Hotel in Cork, Ireland. Alistair Howard of consultants E. G. Pettit & Co. explains. ‘We reviewed a number of alternative solutions for hotel air conditioning. A natural-gas-operated heat-pump system was identified as providing energy-saving heat recovery, automatic heating and cooling changeover, simultaneous heating and cooling, BMS and reception-desk controls interface, a low running cost and a short-term payback. On the basis of our analysis for this project, we recommended the natural-gas heat-pump system from Sanyo.’ The system was installed by Kelly Refrigeration. The GHP system provides 504 kW of cooling via 139 concealed indoor units, with nine rooftop GHP VRF outdoor condensing units providing simultaneous heating and cooling. The GHP range uses a new heat-reclaim heat exchanger that enables a system in cooling mode to supply waste heat from the engine to the hot-water system, improving efficiency and COP. Only a single-phase electricity supply is required for start-up and fan operation. There is no defrost cycle, so continuous heating is provided in even severe weather at temperatures down to –20°C.
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