Biomass heats home in leafy Surrey

Carbon neutrality in Cheam is achieved by this installation of a Viessmann Vitolig biomass boiler.
One of the first UK installations of a Viessmann Vitolig biomass boiler is in a house in Cheam. It was installed by EnergyWorx in a corner of the garage. It is currently fed using bagged pellets, but an automatic feeding silo is planned. The wood pellets used are carbon neutral as trees take in carbon dioxide during their growth, so the carbon dioxide emitted by the boiler does not add to the global total. Vitolog boilers have automatic control of the fuel supply to modulate the output, followed by the fan supplying air to the combustion chamber to match output to demand. Weather compensation is also used in this installation. The project also features solar panels to provide hot water using Vitosol 200 vacuum tubes. A Vitocell 300 cylinder stores the hot water.
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