Logistics centres looks to the ground to reduce energy consumption

The key to exploiting the ground as a source of heat and for heat rejection is these water-cooled condensing units serving a Mitsubishi Electric VRF air-conditioning system.
Renewable energy is used to provide heating and cooling for the 3400 m2 logistics centre of Olympus KeyMed at Southend using a ground-source installation. A Mitsubishi Electric WR2 heating/cooling system uses 50 boreholes 98 m deep to draw heat from the ground for heating or to use the ground as a heat sink when the building requires cooling. The system was designed by consultants ME Engineers and installed by Total Concept Solutions. The boreholes are linked to WY City Multi condensers, which are included in the Energy Technology List so they qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances. Operating efficiency of the system is enhanced by being able transfer energy between any of the 24 indoor units on each circuit. Overall COPs of up to 7.0 can be achieved. Other features of this new logistics centre include the roof being covered with solar panels to meet half the requirement for domestic hot water over a year as a whole and 75% in the summer. The highly insulated structure reduces thermal loads and includes natural shading to prevent the interior overheating. Rain water is collected form the roof for flushing toilets, external cleaning, irrigation and the central water feature. It is expected to reduce water consumption by at least 25%. The lighting installation includes an automatic control and switching system to provide the correct lighting levels when areas are occupied. Energy consumption is expected to be at least 30% less than an equivalent ‘traditional’ building with 25% less water. use.

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