Airedale maximises use of free cooling in Falkland Islands

Free-cooling delivered by Airedale Ecotel units in will meet nearly all the annual cooling requirement of this new IP-based telephone exchange at Port Stanley in the Falkland Islands.
To minimise the use of mechanical cooling for a new IP-based telephone exchange in Port Stanley on the Falkland Islands, Airedale has supplied two Ecotel indoor downflow units rated at 17 kW each. Airedale worked with Cable & Wireless, the exclusive provider of telecommunications services in the Falkland Islands, where Airedale close-control systems also provide precise cooling in a satellite earth station. Consistently low temperatures in the Falkland Islands ensure that free cooling is used virtually all the time. Even in the UK, the Ecotel free-cooling cycle can satisfy the cooling requirements of telecoms equipment for two-thirds of the year, based on weather data for London and a cabin setpoint of 27°C. The new units in the Falkland Islands provide three stages of direct-expansion cooling, enabling capacity to precisely match the application. Brian Summers, Cable & Wireless management co-ordinator for the project, says, ‘Existing Airedale units in the satellite earth stations have operated faultlessly for the past 10 years, and it is good to have the peace of mind knowing that the new switch and ancillaries are being looked after by Airedale’s Ecotel indoor units.’
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