Compressed-air manufacturer exploits low-energy cooling

Fitting Breezair evaporative-cooling units into two manufacturing halls of HPC Engineering reduces peak summer temperatures by 8 to 10 K with a much lower energy consumption than mechanical cooling.
A low-energy approach to reducing high summer temperatures in the factory of HPC Engineering is reducing peak temperatures of 30 to 35°C by 8 to 10 K. This has been achieved by installing 17 Breezair evaporative coolers to cool two spaces of 3250 m2 and 2320 m2. They were installed by Clean Air Group following a visit to Martin Baker Aircraft Co. to see the system in action. The HPC project was carried out in two stages. The company is major producer of compressed-air systems. The first was to install nine coolers onto the roof of the hydraulic-division manufacturing hall, with internal vents to inject fresh, cool air . The success of the first phase led to the installation of eight coolers into the manufacturing hall of the engineering division
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