Monitoring and targeting

Vital information for monitoring and targeting the energy consumption of building-services plant is gathered by the t-mac system. Information can be made available via any Internet-enabled PC. Information relating to energy consumption is gathered through a variety of techniques, such as logging electricity and oil consumed within a building and monitoring the running efficiency of plant such as water heaters. The run times and/or load pulled by air-conditioning systems can also be monitored. T-mac can also provide sub-metering for accurate billing and to help determine where the most energy is being used. Businesses using t-mac also qualify for a further 5% allowance on the carbon-dioxide target, and t-mac also qualifies for Enhanced Capital Allowances. Remote online adjustments can be made to t-mac to help improve energy efficiency. Once such changes have been made, tracking and bench-marking reports can be produced to assess the level of improvements in energy efficiency and quantify savings over a designated period.
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