Air purifiers receive positive response from allergy sufferers

Paris-based allergist Dr Haddad discusses the benefits of Daikin air purifiers at a conference in Brussels.
A study of the effects of the Daikin air purifier on 69 patients of Paris-based allergist D Haddad has indicated a number of benefits. The research was carried out over six months on patients who were allergic to pollen and indoor allergens or who suffered from asthma or rhinitis. Dr Haddad presented his findings to a conference during the ‘Life2 — health and better living fair’ at the Brussels Expo. He considered that ‘the air purifier appeared to offer a simple and reliable method of acting upon the root causes of allergic crises, and decided to confirm this by choosing volunteers from within his own practice. After profiling, participants were issued with questionnaires designed to monitor the effect of the air purifier on their daily lives. After three months of regular use of the air purifier, his patients were asked to report any beneficial changes to their everyday lives. Much positive response was received. n ‘The air purifier brings comfort to my respiratory passages, and my sneezing has decreased.’ n ‘The air in my home has improved. I sleep better, my nose is less stuffy and my eyes less irritated.’ n ‘I breathe better, and so does my daughter. The air is more pure.’ The remote-control unit was much appreciated. Filter changing was easy, and the lightweight unit scored on its portability from room to room. Dr Haddad explains, ‘An allergy is not an illness, but a condition liked to an antibody defect. Allergies are caused by several factors, and when a patient’s allergy threshold is reached, a reaction sets in. ‘The air purifier helps raise the patient’s allergy threshold and has an important place within the treatment strategy. It acts on the root of the problem and, contrary to my earlier belief, is a prerequisite of, rather than a complement to, medical treatment. ‘I noticed that some patients used the unit only when they were at home. Although effective, it would have been more so if used on a 24-hour basis. It seems to me that the air purifier is the allergist’s answer to ongoing research into ways of acting on the environment.’ Daikin develops and makes air purifiers for use in areas up to 41 m2. They remove pollen, acaria and animal hairs and eliminate smells. They generative negative ions and have a photocatalytic filters that eliminates 99.99% of mould spores and bacteria and deactivates viruses.
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