Vokes-Air rebrands its filters

A range of filters for fine dusts and gases is available from Vokes-Air in its Compatex FP range.
Vokes-Air top-of-the-range filters for fine dust and gases have a new name. The former Luwa FP filters are now called Compatex FP. The fine-dust filters have ratings from F5 to F9 (EN779) for use in commercial buildings requiring very high air quality, such as museums, specialist shops or corporate headquarters. These compact units have a glass-fibre paper filter with a large surface area and a low pressure drop, typically 100 Pa. Airflow is up to 5000 m3/h. Compatex FP air filters can be used as pre-filters in air-handling systems for highly sensitive environments requiring HEPA and ULPA final filters. Other filters include the AFP-AZ Duo to filter fine dusts and gases. An activated-carbon element based on fine granular absorbents purifies the air and removes odours. A glass-fibre dust filter removes particles to standard F7.
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