Growing garden centre benefits from underfloor heating

Over 500 m2 of open-pan shopping space in a new extension to Ashton Hall Garden Centre on the outskirts of Lancaster is heated by a Robbens underfloor heating system served by an oil-fired boiler. Tony Abbit, who has owned this garden centre for the last 12 years, says, ‘These days, garden-centre customers are looking for more than just plants and compost. Our new extension has been specially designed to meet their demands for hundreds of garden related items, from furniture and barbeques to specialist books and clothing. ‘A light, airy environment with easy access to all areas was a key requirement. Robbens underfloor heating not only met this need, but also ensured no hot or cold spots. It was a more comfortable solution to ensuring comfort for our browsing customers than warm-air blowers or radiant panels.’ The new area has distinctive twin domes and extensive areas of glazing on a steel frame. Heating such an area from the floor up rather than from the ceiling down as with convector systems delivers greater comfort and saves energy. It also eliminates warm air accumulating at high level under the 8 m-high domes.
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