New standards of quietness and flexibility for fan-coil units

Carrier’s quietest fan-coil unit to date is the Atmosphera, designed for concealing above ceilings. This range offers cooling capacities from 2.86 to 7.28 kW. The depth of all units is just 250 mm. Discharge sound-power levels as low as 30 dB(A) are achieved by some models at low speed. The interior of the galvanised casing is fully insulated for improved thermal and acoustic insulation. It is also possible to create a sound profile to match the conditions in which the equipment will be installed — guaranteeing the performance characteristics of an installation and enabling full optimisation of the choice of components. The option of a sloping coil increases the potential capacity and efficiency. The fan has six speeds, three of which can be factory set and three adjusted on site. The optional Moduboot linear diffuser allows air to be directed along the ceiling at high velocity to facilitate rapid mixing. The use of such diffusers can further reduce noise levels. Atmosphera FCUs can also be fitted with a carbon-dioxide sensor to continuously monitor air quality and control fresh air for maximum energy efficiency. These units are already Eurovent certified.
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