EWS helps Walsall keep its cool

The on-going long-term performance of air-conditioning and other services for Walsall Council is ensured by a maintenance contract carried out by EWS.
The responsibility of ensuring that air conditioning serving a range of sites of Walsall Council runs optimally and with energy efficiency as a key driver is the task of EWS, part of the Eaton-Williams Group. The brief covers the Civic Centre, the Council House and 10 other satellite sites across the town, including the Central Library and Bloxwich Leisure Centre. The Civic Centre has the largest requirement, employing over 900 staff. Its VAV air-conditioning system is required to maintain temperatures of 22 to 23°C in the summer and 21 to 22°C in the cooler months, with 45 to 50% RH. In the computer room, temperatures of 23 to 24°C need to be maintained to avoid heat gains that could have a detrimental effect on equipment. A 30-year-old 1800 kW screw chiller provides cooling for the entire building. Paul Collier, plant maintenance engineer, attributes its longevity to EWS maintaining it very well over the years it has been responsible for maintenance for Walsall Council. The only work on this chiller has been a new compressor and retubing. It is now in line for replacement as R22 is being phased out and spares are increasingly more difficult to source. To provide confidence and continuity in the service provided, EWS ensures that the same engineers service a site. Familiarity with the sites reduces time wastage so that EWS engineering can swiftly get down to the task in hand.
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