Modern Building Services
EMEX Showreel

A preview of what is to come from our time at EMEX 2018. 

Mark Farmer: Modernise or die

Mark Farmer discusses why the industry has to change and why it has to happen now.

Paul Uppal with news about SMEs

Government small business commissioner Paul Uppal on dealing with the late payments issue

Caroline Flint MP: apprenticeships, diversity and payments

Caroline Flint MP talks exclusively to MBStv at the BESA National Conference 2018

Lord Rupert Redesdale - optimising energy savings

Lord Rupert Redesdale highlights upcoming changes to energy and carbon reporting.

David Frise - time for us to take the lead

David Frise, chief executive of BESA, anticipates the BESA National Conference on November 1st.

Making our voices heard

BESA's Alexi Ozioro on politics, business and Brexit - hot topics for the BESA Conference on 1st November.

Lord Fox on offsite construction

Lord Fox of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee explains the investigation into offsite construction.

CIBSE President Stephen Lisk looks to the future

Stephen Lisk, CIBSE president, talks about the challenges facing building services.

The biophilic office - a long-term research project

BRE's Ed Suttie on a long-term research project into the effects of the biophilic office on occupants.