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In search of efficient air conditioning

Technical competition is joining price as one of the driving forces in the UK air-conditioning market. Ignacio de Alvaro has the details.

An efficiency boost for chillers

With air-conditioning being such an energy-demanding service, achieving and maintaining an efficient system is vital. Gareth Holden gives some pointers to making an immediate impact on the efficiency of chiller plant.

Practising containment

With the threat of a ban on the use of HFCs for stationary air-conditioning equipment having been lifted, responsibility is placed on the industry to prevent leaks, says Andrew Keogh.

The life-cycle benefits of evaporative cooling

For the appropriate air-conditioning installations, evaporative cooling offers much lower life-cycle costs than dry cooling — as well as a host of other benefits. Robert MacLeod-Smith explains.

The flexibility and energy efficiency of VRF air conditioning

VRF air-conditioning systems owe their growing popularity to their ability to meet a wide range of requirements, as Tony Nielsen explains.

Daikin brings inverter control to small R410A systems

With the launch of its R410A RZQ inverter series, Daikin claims to the the first manufacturer to offer a full range of R410A inverters — from the smallest split to the largest VRV systems.

Trox sets up design bureau to share its air-conditioning expertise

Trox’s engineering and technical expertise in air conditioning is being made available to construction professionals by the setting up of the Trox Design Bureau.

VRF air-conditioning is gas powered

Gas-powered air conditioning with all the features of a VRF system is offered by Sanyo in its GHP range. Instead of an electrically driven compressor, a GHP unit has an open-drive compressor driven by a gas-powered engine. Either natural gas or LPG can be used.

Chilled beams suddenly got smaller

Dadanco chilled beams with around three times the output of traditional active beams installed in the James Clerk Maxwell Building of Edinburgh University have enabled a much more conventional ceiling layout to be used — looking very similar to that associated with a fan-coil systems.

Evaporative cooling pulls down temperature in bedding factory

Peak summer temperatures in excess of 35°C in a bedding factory and warehouse have been reduced to around 25°C following the installation of Breezair evaporative-cooling equipment.

Multi V
LG moves into VRF market

LG has introduced a range of VRF air-conditioning products that can operate up to 16 indoor units from one outdoor unit. Multi V is initially available in two sizes — 4.5 and 10 hp and can be operated via the Internet, a PC, a deluxe or simple controller.

Mini-gym demands give air conditioner a thorough work-out

Air conditioning — including dehumidification, heating and cooling — has been provided for a domestic conservatory in west London housing a range of exercise equipment. The free-standing conservatory is close to the house and thus requires heating in winter and cooling in summer to offset the considerable heat gain through its glazed roof.

London hotel benefits from quiet air conditioning

Quietness in operation was the key criterion in the selection of air-conditioning plant for the upgrade of a 90-bedroom hotel on a sensitive site on the south side of the River Thames in London and very close to the Tate Modern.

Mitsubishi boosts the efficiency of small systems

Mitsubishi Electric has radically revamped its range of small air-conditioning systems with the launch of a new R410A M-Series range of inverter-driven heat pumps.

VRV2 signals energy efficiency in train control centre

Longcross Refrigeration has installed a Daikin VRV2 heat-recovery air-conditioning system in the control centre of train operator FirstGroup in Manchester, which runs the TransPennine Express trains.

Stulz launches new precision air-conditioning range

Stulz’s CyberAir precision air-conditioning range incorporates new ventilation technology, new micro-processor and a completely new structure. Electronically commutated fans are used in all models.