Modern Building Services
Allan Kell
Investing in building intelligence — time to make the case for intelligence in buildings

The concept of intelligent buildings has been around nearly twice as long as green buildings. ALAN KELL asks how intelligent buildings can be made as popular as green buildings.

business centre
Holistic approach to integration delivers big business benefits

Making a proper business case is the key to progressing with integrated building automation, says JEROEN MULDER . The benefits are improved productivity and reduced costs.

Total building management

An asset-management suite from AMX includes building asset management and room-scheduling packages.

Facilities management gets smart

With the rising costs of utilities and increasingly stringent Government regulations on energy, facilities managers need to overcome increasing challenges to ensure their buildings are managed efficiently and cost effectively. RICHARD HIPKISS explains how an intelligent building system can help achieve these goals.

Realising the potential of intelligent buildings

RAJESH SINHA explains how the IP network that is ubiquitous in new buildings provides the key to intelligent buildings.

Adding intelligence to a Glasgow school

One of the first schools to benefit from an intelligent system to integrate its services is the newly built St Benedict’s primary school and community centre in Glasgow. It uses Schneider Electric’s T-BIS system.

CIBSE membership is for everyone

The very many people who play important roles in the building-services industry and are not members of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers now have the opportunity to join CIBSE and enjoy numerous opportunities to help them perform their jobs better and develop professionally.

The benefits of being a CIBSE member are for everyone

The president of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers, DONALD LEEPER, and its president–elect, DAVID HUGHES, are so enthusiastic about the benefits of CIBSE membership that they want more people to enjoy them and bring their expertise to the cause of better serviced buildings and addressing the environmental issues associated with buildings.

Energy efficiency issues move to centre stafe

Recent legislation means that sacrificing energy efficiency to cut costs is no longer an option in building projects. In many cases, however, money can be saved without sacrifice by using an efficient and effective building-management system (BMS). ALAN ASHMORE explains.

Validation and handover management — adding value to projects

With construction projects continually becoming more complex, how can they be validated ready for handover? MIKE WATSON has a solution.

The story behind efficiency ratings

Behind all those SEDBUCK A and B ratings and seasonal-efficiency figures for boilers is a comprehensive programme of performance testing. DR ARNOLD TEEKARAM explains how it all works.

Bob Walsh
Re-inventing the role of cast iron

Cast-iron boilers have a big future says BOB WALSH. Investment in the latest technology has ensured that the cast-iron boilers available today are more than up to the job required of them.

Efficient hot water and space heating come on a plate

Modulating boilers and high efficiency heat exchangers have altered the face of commercial heating and hot water installations, says PAUL SANDS

wood boiler
Achieving carbon neutrality

In the long term, any real policy of sustainability needs to include a move to fuels that do not deplete the world’s irreplaceable reserve of fossil fuels. IAN DAGLEY considers the benefits of wood as a carbon-neutral fuel.

fig 1
High-efficiency condensing water heaters — paradox or paradigm?

Domestic hot water stored at 60°C or more and condensing water heaters (where the return temperature has to be below about 55°C) might seem a paradox. So how can condensing water heaters be included in the Government’s Energy Technology List. PAUL MARSDON explains.

ACMA promotes air cleaners as answer to smoking issues

Support for the Government’s efforts to reduce smoking has been declared by the Air Cleaner Manufacturers Association, which also says that it does not believe a total smoking ban is workable. In a report submitted to the team responsible for smoking legislation at the Department of Health, ACMA points out that air cleaning provides a ‘middle way’ that provides comfort and clean air for both smokers and non-smokers.

MCA rebrands as part of branding initiative

Consulting engineers Martin Clowes Associates (MCA) has renamed itself elementa consulting as part of a branding initiative to reflect its expanding portfolio of building services and design and project-management solutions. The 20-year-old practice has offices in Surrey and Oxon. Its client list includes Accor, Allied London, Infracare, Dixons and Starbucks, as well as leading architectural practices..

Johnson Controls prepares to acquire York International

Johnson Controls is to acquire York International for a sum of about $3.2 billion.

Winter Garden
There is underfloor heating at the bottom of Sheffield’s Winter Garden

Providing the heated environment for around 2500 semi-tropical plants in the award-winning Winter Garden in Sheffield is an underfloor heating system provided by Velta to a brief by Buro Happold.

Complying with new refrigerant legislation

A call for anyone hiring air-conditioning contractors to exercise caution in the light of possible industry confusion about refrigerant-handling legislation and the reclassification of refrigerants as hazardous waste has been made by REFCOM, the register of companies competent to handle refrigerants in the UK.

Growth in new construction

Steady improvements in key building sectors of the construction industry are reported in the largest figures from the Department of Trade & Industry. The figures are for work to the second quarter of 2005.

Acquisition enlarges Ener.G’s cogeneration offering

Cogeneration specialist Ener.G Combined Power has acquired the business and assets of Petbow Cogeneration, formerly owned by Centrica. In recent years, Ener.G has provided maintenance for Petbow’s installed base of up to 80 units with electrical outputs from 56 to 800 kW.

multi-faith centre
Award-winning external wall insulation system for public buildings

New public buildings are increasingly being constructed using external wall-insulation systems, which is one of the fastest growing building techniques in the UK — according to the Insulated Render & Cladding Association.

Business survey shows good prospects for consultants in the built environment

Consultancy and engineering businesses in the built and natural environment are performing well and are optimistic about the future, according to a state-of-business report from the Association for Consultancy & Engineering.

Grundfos improves interim results

Half-year figures from Grundfos Group show sales growing at 7 to 8% over last year, a rate that is expected to continue for the rest of 2005. The growth comes from the Far East, Eastern Europe, North America and Western Europe.

UK failing to perform in solar photo-voltaics

The UK market for solar photo-voltaics has fallen well behind other countries, according to figures from the International Energy Agency.

wool insulation
Organic insulation wins environmental award

Using wool from hill breeds of sheep with coarse wools to produce thermal insulation for buildings has won a prestigious ward for a company in Cumbria. Second Nature of Penrith makes high-quality insulation from this wool under the trade name Thermafleece. As an environmentally preferable alternative to conventional insulation products, it has aroused much interest, particularly in rural areas where renewable products such as wool are a vital part of a sheep farmer’s livelihood.

Terry Payne
Special Professor appointment for Monodraught’s Terry Payne

The development of the Windcatcher natural-ventilation system and SunPipe natural-lighting system by Monodraught over the last 10 years have led to the company’s managing director Terry Payne being appointed a Special Professor in Building Services Engineering at the School of the Built Environment in Nottingham University.

New homes failing to meet air-tightness standards

New homes are emitting 6000 t more carbon dioxide a year than they should be by not complying with minimum standards for air tightness, according to a report by the Energy Saving Trust. That figure is estimated to add £650 000 to heating bills a year.

Micro-generation’s role in UK energy strategy

The role of micro-generation in the UK’s future energy strategy is to be examined by the Energy Saving Trust.

Absorption chiller teams up with CHP system at University of East Anglia

An absorption chiller supplied by McQuay UK for a project at the University of East Anglia (UAE) utilises waste heat from the university’s CHP system during the summer and mid-season periods to produce up to 1000 kW of chilled water without using harmful refrigerants.

Oventrop control water flow in new buildings for Royal Navy

All valves for heating, cooling and domestic services for two new buildings at the Royal Navy’s HMS Collingwood establishment in Fareham have been supplied by Oventrop. Warspite and the Personnel Administration Centre at the Navy’s School of Communications & Weapons Engineering are part of an ongoing programme of expansion.

AC unit
Air conditioning boosts comfort in chiropractic clinic

Environmental comfort for patients of a chiropractic clinic in Wilton has been improved following the installation of a Carrier XPower system. The practice is based in a small historic building in the centre of Wilton. It is of predominantly wooden construction and retains heat. Comfort cooling was decided on to improve conditions for patients in the treatment room and the reception area.

Macintosh Village
Plumbing modules make light work of plumbing in Manchester Green Building

To enable plumbing work in the apartment block of the Macintosh Village development in Manchester to be staged, SAV developed pre-assembled controls centres for plumbing, heating and potable-water services based on its well-proven commissioning module. Sales director Jan Hansen explains, ‘There is no need to plumb out complete individual plumbing and heating systems in apartment blocks like the Green Building.’

art gallery
York heat pumps at heart of geothermal heating and cooling system

A geothermal combined heating and cooling system for the Lewis Glucksman Art Gallery at University College in Cork is served by two heat pumps supplied by York International.

Airedale overcomes space restrictions and noise issues for airport hotel

To overcome space pressures and achieve low noise levels for air conditioning serving the Radisson SAS Hotel at Stansted Airport, Airedale has supplied two super-quiet Ultima remote air-cooled chillers.

AHUs with a view in Portsmouth

All the air-handling units for the 170 m Spinnaker Tower alongside Portsmouth’s historic harbour have been supplied by VES Andover.

Roger Preston
Building-services consultant installs MSCBs in own office

Trox multi-service chilled beams have been used extensively in the refurbishment of a 3-storey building dating from 1986 to provide new offices for building-services consultancy Roger Preston & Partners in Maidenhead.

Sussex College
Building-services students experience the comfort of Oventrop

Separate heating systems for each floor of two new buildings at Central Sussex College (formerly Crawley College) have all boiler and ancillary controls, as well as system regulating and commissioning valves, supplied by Oventrop.

Sheltered accommodation enjoys benefits of younger boilers

Obsolescent pressure-jet boilers serving two linked sheltered housing schemes in Marlow have been replaced by two Broag high-efficiency condensing boilers with intelligent controls and 100% pre-mix combustion. Fully modulating burners offer high economies at part or full load. The sheltered housing is run by Wycombe District Council.

water heater
Condensing water heaters

To cater for larger demands for domestic hot water, A. O. Smith now offers two Cyclone BFC fully condensing water heaters. They have outputs of 82 and 100 kW and efficiencies up to 96%.

Research laboratory discovers the benefits of decentralised boilers

The decentralisation of boiler houses at the Daresbury Laboratory of CCLRC near Warrington has been completed using Broag boilers worth around £145 000.

Water heater
Meeting the demands of the commercial market for water heating

Unvented hot-water storage systems, long popular in the domestic market, are growing in popularity for commercial buildings — according to Heatrae Sadia.

Small-output continuous-flow water heaters

Rinnai has added smaller-capacity models to its Infinity range of continuous-flow water heaters. These units provide a continuous flow of temperature-controlled hot water for as long as required. They are fed direct from the mains and do not require a storage system.

DHW plant
Hospital hot-water savings come on a plate

Derriford Hospital in Plymouth has reduced the cost of generating domestic hot water by £51 000 a year following the installation of a new system based around five Boss plate heat exchangers made by Alfa Laval for BSS.

Lochinvar boosts boiler and hot-water range

Recent additions to Lochinvar’s range of copper-fin gas-fired water heaters and boilers and the Intelli-fin and Power-fin products.

Interfacing with centralised plant

Tacanova has been appointed exclusive UK distributor for the Danfoss Redan product range for providing heating and DHW in community heating schemes and large apartment blocks.

Electric hot-water solutions

Dimplex offers a range of nearly 40 models of electric water heaters. They all have features to reduce limescale and corrosion, including stainless-steel elements and tanks.

Trane’s product range

Trane’s general catalogue for 2005 includes information on new products and options in air-systems units and air-cooled chillers. The catalogue covers 10 product ranges, including building-management systems and absorption chillers.

This comprehensive catalogue runs to 240 pages.

For each product range, there is a summary of customer benefits and main features, as well as detailed technical data.

HVCA guide
Kitchen ventilation

A definitive guide to kitchen ventilation in non-domestic properties has been launched by HVCA Publications. DW/172 has evolved to incorporate legislative changes and new standards. This new literature is described as indispensable for HVAC specialists serving the catering sector. It is a progression from the popular DW/171, which became the industry benchmark for kitchen ventilation systems after it was published in 1999.

It details all requirements for the design, installation and maintenance of kitchen ventilation systems and provides essential reference material for installers, specifiers and engineers.

There is also a standard for testing grease filters to reduce the risk of fire in commercial kitchens. Advice is included on the requirements for an interlock between the ventilation system and gas supply.