The renewable-energy options

16 December, 2006
Against the background of the planning process increasingly requiring renewable energy on site, NIGEL ANDERSON explores the options.

Delivering greener buildings

16 December, 2006
‘Greenness’ cannot easily be added to a building at a late stage in the design process. The reduction of carbon emissions must be considered from the very beginning, and building-performance simulation software is an important tool. DAVID McEWAN explains.

Rainwater harvesting

16 December, 2006
Harvesting rainwater can meet a large part of the water consumption of commercial and domestic buildings, considerably reducing the demand on mains water. STEFF WRIGHT highlights how rainwater harvesting systems can help the environment and for what purposes the harvested water can be used.
To enable boiler plant serving the Wester Hailes Community Centre and High School on the west side of Edinburgh to be replaced with new condensing boilers, SFL supplied new flues to replace the previous mild-steel system.
To provide information on the recycling of lamps and batteries, Mercury Recycling has developed a new web site. The processes used by the company recycle or re-use 99.75% by weight of the lamp — including the mercury. Mercury’s service also provides a means of complying with EU legislation that used lamps and batteries are taken to a suitably recycled recycling facility or authorised landfill site.
As part of its commitment to reduce carbon emissions, Caerphilly Council has replaced four coal-fire boilers at a school with three wood-burning boilers from Hoval.
Ground-source heat pumps to heat and cool a new office development in Southend make an important contribution to reducing its energy consumption by at least 30% compared with an equivalent traditional building. Olympus KeyMed’s 3400 m2 logistics centre will also consume 25% less water. It is the use of Mitsubishi Electric ground-source heat pumps that led to the building winning the Cooling Industry Awards this year.
How the heat is rejected from an air-conditioning system has a significant effect on its power consumption. BAC Balticare has been developing new approaches.
One of the largest ground-source heat-pump projects in the UK will provide heating, cooling and hot water for a school in Sheffield.
Underpinning the development by Daikin of a heating system for houses based on a heat pump is a careful analysis of its potential to massively reduce carbon emissions.
To ensure lighting is on only when necessary, Furness Green Partnership specified a Rapid lighting control system from CP Electronics for a speculative office development at 16-20 North Audley Street in central London.
PAUL ROXBURGH detects signs of a new appreciation of the role played by the ductwork specialist.
The impact of climate change offers new opportunities for displacement ventilation says KOE WIECKOWSKI.
A new De Kobra kitchen-ventilation system at Thames Valley University incorporates the new Energy Saver system to control ventilation levels. It was installed by Weatherite Building Services and is one of its first installations to include this control system.
Whole-house central-extract ventilation units have been supplied by Titon for 42 apartments in an exclusive circular building in Hulme, Manchester.
Lindab’s CADvent software has been used by D&S Air Conditioning of Northampton by produce detailed ventilation-system designs for the 2-storey 1870 m2 headquarters of security company Vision Security Group.
Against the background of increased global demands for energy efficiency, DUNCAN McGREGOR believes that property owners should raise the standards of duct systems for ventilation, heating and air conditioning. Across Europe this could not only save energy equivalent to the output of three nuclear power stations — and also result in lower installation costs, shorter assembly times and better air quality.
How do you halve the energy used by the fan in a VAV air-conditioning system? ANDY BARLETT has a suggestion.
Viledon Filtration Division offers a range of cassette air filters that are highly resistant to moisture and chemicals and microbiologically inert. As such, they are applicable to sensitive areas like the food and electronics industries.
The ability of Kingspan’s KoolDuct pre-insulated ducting system to be installed up to three times faster than sheet-metal ductwork has been exploited in the new £4.5 million hospital sterilisation and decontamination unit for Hull & East Yorkshire Hospitals NHS Trust.
fire damper
Terry Farthing is concerned that although new standards for preventing the spread of smoke and flame through ductwork are imminent, the use of traditional curtain fire damper will still be permitted in some areas.

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