Flex Connectors launches new Flex7 eZeBox range

Flex Connectors, lighting

Flex Connectors’ Flex7 eZeBox for cabling lighting systems has seven poles as standard and is rated at 16 A. They come with two, four, six, 10 and 12 ways and replace the existing FCB range. They are compatible with all other Flex7 products. A range of installation options enables these boxes to be easily fixed to solid surfaces, cable tray, trunking, drop rods or conduit boxes.

A spare outlet at the end of each eZeBox unit enables more outlets to be created at any stage simply by plugging in additional units. Possibilities include plugging in an expansion unit to increase capacity or a tap-off unit than can be controlled separately from the original.

The cover is easily removed to provide access to a large wiring compartment and large-capacity input terminals.

These boxes can be combined with the Flex range of plug-in lighting-control devices to meet virtually any lighting connection and control requirement with just a handful of off-the-shelf products.

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