Versatile lighting control from Flex Connectors is easy to install

A cost-effective approach to lighting control that is also easy to install — the Flex 7 system.
Flex Connectors’ Flex 7 lighting-control system incorporates control packs built into a Flex 7 plug to create a comprehensive range of plug-in switches, dimmer switches, occupancy sensors and absence sensors for on/off control, daylight-dependent switching, daylight-linked dimming and manual dimming of fluorescent luminaires (1 to 110 V DSI and DALI systems). There is said to be no need for commissioning. The range consists of products that are easy to use and which provide everything for a basic lighting-control function, packaged as a kit but with a mix-and-match element. There are also Control-Plus products with software that can be factory programmed to provide many layers of control and a huge range of options. Control-Plus products offer advanced features such as corridor holds, links to timers or building-management systems, networking and an additional relay for emergency testing or creating two switch circuits.
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