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Maximising the efficiency of condensing boilers
Published:  09 April, 2005
plate heat exchanger

To contribute to the efficiency of condensing boilers, a new range of packaged plate heat exchangers form Stokvis operates with return temperatures around 45°C and flow at 70°C. There are three ranges of C Series Econoplates, offering some 50 units with outputs up to 740 kW.

Managing director Ivan Thompson says, ‘In putting this package together with the correct flow temperature and temperature difference for condensing-boiler systems, we have made it really simple for customers to select condensing technology and meet efficiency targets such as those in the Building Regulations Part L upgrade in January 2006.’

Plate heat exchangers are more efficient than coils and not subject to costly insurance checks. It is also easy to expand duty with additional plates. Response is quick, so that water temperature is raised from 10°C to 60°C in seconds, so there is no legionella risk.

These packages are supplied with fast-acting 3-port motorised control valves fitted to the primary circuit. This valve is modulated by a PID controller which senses the secondary water temperature.

Econoplate units are fully assembled and factory wired, with just electrical supply and primary and secondary water circuits to be connected on site.