SAV’s CHP/heat-pump system chosen for Scottish school

SAV, LoadTracker, CHP, heat pump
CHP equipment and heat pumps supplied by SAV Systems for this school in Scotland will help reduce carbon emissions by 25%.

Carbon emissions from a new school in Scotland will be reduced by 25%, around 77 t a year, using SAV’s LoadTracker concept for supplying heat and power compared with a traditional system. The LoadTracker for Townhill Primary School in Hamilton was specified by Consultant Davie & McCulloch. Two CHP units/air-to-water heat pumps that can generate up to 30 kW of electricity and 60 kW of heat.

If the supply of electricity exceeds demand, the surplus is used by the heat pumps to generate heat, rather than being exported to the Grid

Waste heat generated by the micro-CHP units heats water, which is stored in a thermal store at around 80°C. Water can be drawn off from the store to provide space heating and domestic hot water.

Electricity is used throughout the school for lighting and power, and to drive the heat-pump compressors.

At Townhill Primary School, the heat pumps serve underfloor heating.

Night-time electricity demand is limited to power supplies to electronic equipment such as computers and the underfloor heating in setback.

Energy top-up and emergency back-up for extreme conditions is provided by two gas-fired boilers.

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