IES supports Virtual Environment on Apple computers

Integrated Environmental Systems (IES) now offers full technical support for Virtual Environment installations on Apple Mac computers using VMware Fusion, Parallels Desktop or the Boot Camp utility in the latest Mac OS. This means that the Virtual Environment suite of Windows products (VE-Ware, VE-Toolkits, VE-Gaia and VE-Pro) can be installed and run on Apple computers and be eligible for full IES technical support.

VMware Fusion and Parallels create a virtual machine on which Windows programs can be run alongside Application programs. Alternatively, Boot Camp enables users to boot up an Apple computer using a Windows operating system.

Don McLean, managing director of IES, says, ‘With the development of our plug-in to Google SketchUp and the expansion of our products to include more early-design-stage tools aimed at architects, interoperability with Macs is becoming increasingly important to our customers. I’m delighted that Virtual Environment has been successfully tested and proven to work on VM Fusion and Parallels virtualisation, as well as Boot Camp installations.

IES has produced a video showing how to export files from Mac SketchUp to its software using Parallels Desktop. It can be viewed at

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