Plate heat exchanger packages


Stokvis Energy Systems has introduced seven ranges of packaged plate heat exchangers comprising over 200 units. These Econoplate units can be used for a range of applications — from the straightforward generation of hot water to heating swimming pools and complex process-heating.

How water is available instantaneously without the need for storage — using a principle that is simple, well proven and cost effective.

Each unit is built around an epoxy-coated chassis containing the heat exchanger, which is constructed from several gasketed stainless-steel plates. More plates can readily be added should the demand require.

Most Econoplate units come complete with primary pumps, fast-acting 3- or 4-port motorised control valve on the primary circuit and a purpose-built PID controller for sensing secondary water temperature and controlling the motorised valve. The units can be accommodated into most building-management systems.

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