Trace heating specified to maintain DHW temperature in Glasgow primary schools

The Raychem HWAT trace-heating system is being used to maintain the temperature of domestic hot water in 16 new primary schools in Glasgow.

Raychem HWAT self-regulating trace-heating cables have been specified to maintain the temperature of domestic hot water in single-pipe systems in 16 new primary schools in Glasgow being built by City Building (Glasgow) LLP.

The use of these trace-heating cables will ensure that hot water is instantly available at every tap by maintaining water at 55°C, without the need for secondary recirculation plumbing and avoiding any problem with deadlegs.

This approach to maintaining the temperature of DHW is said to be significantly more energy efficient than conventional recirculation systems. In addition, eliminating return pipework saves space and materials and also reduces installation times and costs.

The cables are being installed by Smith Electrical. The projects will use 10.6 km of heating cable and 120 HWAT-ECO controllers.

These controllers limit the output of the cables according to the requirements of the hot-water system, monitoring the boiler temperature to ensure that the system is used purely to maintain temperature. They can also raise the temperature of water in the pipework to prevent legionella.

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