Specially developed coil cleaner solves limescale problems for food-refrigeration systems

Adiabatic cooling coils serving food refrigeration systems for a major supermarket chain that had become blocked by limescale have been successfully cleaned by a specially developed product by Advanced Engineering.
A call from one of Britain’s biggest supermarket chains has led to Advanced Engineering solving a problem that the company believes could be hampering refrigeration systems at over a thousand premises nationwide. Managers of this supermarket chain became concerned after repeated refrigeration breakdowns at a number of its stores began to jeopardise food safety. The problem was traced to stubborn limescale deposits blocking airflow through roof-mounted condensers, causing the systems to eventually trip under high head pressure — even in winter. Aware that the problem would get worse as summer approached, the company’s head of refrigeration contactor soil-cleaning specialist Advanced Engineering. Visiting sites in Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire, Advanced’s technical team identified problems with adiabatic cooling in constant use, spraying water directly on to the condenser coil and creating the heavy build-up of limescale. Vern Klein of Advanced explains, ‘Removing such thick limescale from delicate aluminium cooling fins is a tricky problem because there is a fine line between shifting the deposits and damaging the system itself. ‘For this reason, we worked closely with the company’s own engineers, made a number of visits and developed a purpose-built product from scratch to do the job. The resulting ScalePro is a fast-acting remover of limescale designed specifically for outdoor condensing coils and has reduced head pressure to 20%. It could now be used to solve similar limescaling problems at up to 200 of its other stores. Advanced is making ScalePro available to other companies and offering a free site visit to premises with similar problems. Vern Klein explains, ‘Adiabatic systems, which use water to pre-cool the air, should never bring the water into contact with the coil. However, there are plenty of systems where this is not the case, and I would not be surprised if most of the “big-five” supermarket chains have similar issues where ScalePro could help.’
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