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Smedegaard enhances the efficiency of circulators
Published:  13 October, 2007

Smedegaard has developed a range of electronic energy-saving circulators that use up to 60% less energy than a standard pump.

The IsoBar SimFex circulator adjusts automatically to the required duty. When installed in a heating system fitted with thermostatic regulating valves and operating in self-regulating mode, these pumps automatically vary their speed and power consumption to meet the system requirements.

Chris Barrett, general manager with Smedegaard UK, says, ‘We are very excited about this new design. It utilises Smedegaard’s proven and environmentally friendly 1-2-3 principle and adds a new dimension to our range of energy-efficient products. There is a great emphasis on energy consumption and intense pressure to cut back as much as possible. As our pumps are used all over the world, we feel that we can make a different. With this new development, we are very proud to be contributing to the drive to reduce energy consumption.

These new pumps are simple to install and flexible in operation. They can replace all existing 3- and 4-speed EV Smedegaard circulators up to 80 mm and cost nearly the same as a standard pump that does not regulate itself.

Feature include stainless-steel internal components, carbon bearings and a new plug-in electrical connector.