Compact dust and fume remover is easily installed

Easily installed as part of a high-vacuum system is Nederman’s L-PAK dust and fume remover for general industrial environments.
Nederman has launched two compact high-vacuum units for removing fumes and dust in general industrial applications. L-PAK units are mounted on a base that can be handle by a pallet truck and can be installed by non-specialist personnel. They are compatible with the wide range of Nederman accessories for extraction systems. Features include integrated programmable logic control and automatic filter cleaning. The filter system has a dynamic reducer to pre-separate coarse particles, improving efficiency and operational life. Filter cleaning is automatic by a short reversed-air blast, with dust collected in a bag in the plastic collection bin. An indicator light signals the need for servicing. Optional equipment includes cartridge, anti-static, coarse or micro-type filters to replace the standard surface-treated polypropylene sock.
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