Airbloc enhances welcome to Pomme D’Or Hotel

Contributing to the welcome to the Pomme D’Or Hotel is an unusual installation of an Airbloc air curtain.
An unusual application of an Airbloc chassis type air curtain installed over the main entrance doors of the Pomme D’Or Hotel in Jersey is proving very effective in blocking the prevailing winds off the English Channel and creating a more pleasant climate in the large lobby. Usually, a chassis unit is surface mounted. However, for this project the unit was recessed in the ceiling space above the door and concealed behind a narrow grille. Air from the 2 m-long unit is delivered through an aperture that is only 20 mm wide, compared with 400 mm for a conventional recessed unit. This air curtain was specified by D. J. Hartigan & Associates of Jersey. The Pomme D’Or Hotel is a significant building in Jersey’s history. When the island was liberated from German occupation, British soldiers lowered the German flag and raised the Union Jack on the balcony. The 60th anniversary of the liberation day saw the Queen deliver a speech to the islanders from the same balcony overlooking Liberation Square and the harbour.
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