Meeting ventilation requirements in commercial kitchens

A range of air-supply units for commercial kitchens from Nordair-Niche addresses many of the issues in BS 6173 and DW 172. BS 6173 stipulates that the gas supply to kitchens using gas appliances must be interlocked with the ventilation system, so that gas is not available unless the ventilation system is running. Positive introduction of tempered make-up air is required to replace that drawn out through extract canopies. However, to avoid pressurising the kitchen so that cooking odours escape from the kitchen, only 85% of the air extracted is replaced by the make-up air, with the remaining 15% drawn in from the surrounding areas. Nordair-Niche MUA units are available in sizes to suit most commercial kitchens and are usually mounted outdoors. They are gas-fired, and the temperature of the incoming air can be controlled to within ±1 K since the burner has a turndown ratio of 25:1. MUA units are included on the Energy Technology List, so they qualify for Enhanced Capital Allowances.
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