Motor drives designed for ease of installation

The ACS150 range of dives for HVAC components from ABB is said to be one of the easiest to install. These small, simple and low-cost drives can be used to control pumps and fans and to replace contactors and soft starters. These drives have ratings from 370 W to 4 kW, and all have the same height and depth. Only the width varies, so fixing holes are all on the same level and cable tunnels can be mounted horizontally. The drives can also be mounted side by side on DIN rails or with one side to the back of the cabinet. Single-phase drives are rated up to 2.2 kW and 3-phase up to 4 kW. ABB’s FlashDrop technology makes selecting parameters and setting as easy as operating a TV remote control. Drives can be set up without powering them up or removing them from their packaging.
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