Hills meets gold standard for installing security systems

Scott Earing, manager of Hills Integrated Systems, makes friends with the official NACOSS owl mascot when the company was presented with NACOSS Gold approval for the installation of electronic security systems.
Hills Integrated Systems (HIS) has received NACOSS Gold approval from the National Security Inspectorate for the installation of electronic security systems — including access control. CCTV and intruder alarms. NSI is the leading approvals body in the security sector, and NACOSS Gold is the highest standard that can be achieved. Before being approved, companies must achieve BS EN ISO 9001 quality-management certification and demonstrate compliance with relevant British and European standards. Securing the approval involved three company inspections by the NSI. HIS manager Scott Earing says, ‘It took us 18 months to put the infrastructure in place and write the manuals to achieve ISO 9001. All our staff also had to be security screened and their competence in security systems verified.’ It is estimated that 80% of contracts for electronic security systems, by value, are awarded to NSI-approved companies. Only security systems installed by NSI approved contractors are acceptable to the police for remote monitoring, and many insurance companies, specifiers and consulting engineers insist on NACOSS Gold contractors. This approval requires the company to meet financial criteria to establish its stability, have been trading for at least two years, have sufficient insurance cover, have suitable business premises and vehicles and provide 24 hour emergency cover. HIS is part of Hills Group and is based in Manchester. admin@hillelec.plc.uk
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