City church seen in a new light

As part of the relighting of this church in the City of London during a 6-year renovation programme, Eaton’s Studio 3 lighting controls have been incorporated.
An improved lighting scheme controlled by Eaton’s Studio 3 lighting controls has contributed to restoring the glory of the only Wren church in the City of London. St Mary Aldermary is a Grade 1 listed building and has been renovated over the last six year and brought back into regular use. Electrical work was carried out by Vickery Electrical of Witham. The church is lit by 10 wrought-iron chandeliers either side of the nave, which had been gas lights and are now converted for electric lighting. Molyneux Kerr Architects designed a scheme to retain the old fittings and specified a scene-setting and dimming capability. These chandeliers were renovated by Chelsom of Blackpool, which also produced two replicas for the East end of the church. There are also a number of spotlights throughout the church. The Studio 3 lighting control uses three 4-channel control plates. Each plate has dimmer buttons for each channel and master buttons to switch all channels fully on or off. These controls enable different lighting scenes to be programmed into the system. Scenes can be over-ridden to increase or decrease lighting levels.
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