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Prefabricated boiler rigs
Published:  15 October, 2005
Boiler rig

Geminox now offers prefabricated boiler plant in the UK following success in partner countries.

The Joint system combines THI modular condensing boilers and all components needed for functional safety and optimised heat management into a compact prefabricated unit.

The set-up options for the THI modules and their operation in thermal cascade achieves flexibility and maximum efficiency under all operating conditions. The boiler modules have pre-mix burners and low pollutant emissions.

There are six solutions, with three to eight boilers providing heat outputs from a minimum of 10 kW up to 420 kW in the version with eight boilers combined in thermal cascade.

They can be supplied as heating only or heating with hot water, with optional boilers linked to dedicated modules fitted with diverter valve kit.

These rigs are compact, assembled and pre-cabled. They can have right- or left-hand hydraulic connections, drip collector and drain pipe with safety components already installed.

The can be installed on a roof if required and have fully weatherproofed casings.

An optional remote-management module provides remote management and functional control.