Pump selection software

Armstrong Fluid Technology, pump selection software

Armstrong Fluid Technology has developed a pump-selection program that provides an excellent user experience on multiple devices and platforms. It complements Armstrong’s Design Envelope products, including commercial pumps and residential circulators, suction guides and Flo-Trex valves.

Called ADEPT (Armstrong Design Envelope Project Tool), the program makes it easy for users to select a wide range of equipment as well as source submittals and specifications. Intuitive screen designs enable users to view line drawings, multi-curves, photos, voltage, motor size, inlets, outlets, accessories, seal types and operating limits, construction approaches and over a dozen options. ADEPT then lists the pumps that meet user’s specific criteria, as well as the key characteristics of each selection.

Other key features include users being able to add a product to their schedules with just a few clicks and a patent-pending process for selecting a pump based on its operating range.

ADEPT replaces Armstrong’s current ACE online pump-selection software.

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