Trox claims ‘largest’ UK order for fan-coil units

An order for 4000 fan-coil units, thought to be the largest such contract in the UKU, moves through Trox’s factory at Thetford.
What is believed to be the largest order for fan-coil units placed with a UK manufacturer has been won by Trox. The 4000 units with water-side control will be made at the company’s Thetford factory and delivered over 14 weeks during the next few months. A further 2000 units from a selection of smaller projects have already been made, and an increased quantity will make up the balance to the end of this year. The Trox approach to guaranteeing that the installation, including all grilles and diffusers, will meet the performance specifications set for air distribution, acoustic and thermal performance underpins the order. Trox is effectively the single point of contract responsibility. It was during the summer of 2004 that Trox announced an agreement with Colt to distribute the Phantom range of fan-coil units with water-side and air-side control. Now Trox has acquired the design and manufacturing rights of these ranges. Managing director David Leatherbarrow says, We are delighted to have made the move into unit manufacturing. It enables us to quickly establish ourselves within this growing area of the market. We are proud of the fact that all manufacturing will be carried out in the UK.’ On the sales front, Terry Farthing, UK sales director, explains that the company is on the fast track to success. ‘Our goal is to make 10 000 units in 2005, and we expect to achieve our target of doubling this to a 30% market share within our second year. These orders go a long way to ensuring we reach this goal.’
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