SummitSkills urges future focus for solar PV industry

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Training for success — Keith Marshall.

With the distraction of a third legal challenge by the Government to December Feed-in Tariff reduction now ruled out by the Supreme Court, SummitSkills has urged the PV industry to focus on the future. SummitSkills’ research suggests that demand for environmental technologies will outstrip the number of trained and skilled installers over the next few years. It also believes that employers who are far-sighted enough to invest before then in training their workforce are likely to be in a better position to take advantage of the opportunities to grow their businesses and cater to that increasing demand.

Keith Marshall, chief executive of SummitSkills, says, ‘After the uncertainty of the last few months, the Supreme Court’s ruling should bring some welcome clarity for the PV industry. Whatever happens to Feed-in Tariffs, crucial to the industry’s future will be having the trained workforce to provide the high-quality design, installation and maintenance that will enable this technology to deliver on its promised benefits.

‘For employers, now is the time to plan ahead for the workforce that they will need to take advantage of the opportunities offered by renewable-energy technologies. Employers rarely regret investing in the development of their staff, as the right training benefits both individuals and the business.’

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