Modern Building Services
Responding to the Carbon 60 challenge

If achieving the target of reducing the UK’s carbon emissions by 60% by the year 2050 looks a daunting target, it can be made to look very much more manageable by a simple equation.

Positive thinking in National Audit Office report

Major changes in public-sector procurement are expected following a report from the National Audit Office ‘Improving public services through better procurement’ — according to the Specialist Engineering Contractors (SEC) Group.

An air-conditioning unit every 10 seconds from LG

LG sold over 10 million air-conditioning units in 2004, making it the world’s biggest manufacturer of air-conditioning products for five consecutive years — according to independent auditors.

Government consults on improving payment practices

DTI construction minister Nigel Griffiths and Edwina Hart, the Welsh Assembly Government minister for Social Justice & Regeneration, have launched a joint consultation on improving payment practices in the construction industry.

Air-conditioning manufacturer move to boost installation standards

Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning has set up new arrangements for contractors designed to boost standards and service. Called the ‘Business solutions partner programme’, it is based on documented standards for installation, commissioning, aftercare, health and safety and corporate social responsibility. These new standards mean that the ultimate customer can expect a professional level of service from the company and its partners.

Stobart team
Vent-Axia powers ahead

Vent-Axia is sponsoring a team in the British Superbike Championship. The leading riders in the Stobart-Honda team are (from left) Gary Mason, Michael Laverty and Jerry McWilliams. They are riding Honda Fireblade machines.

Dalkia has just the treatment for children’s hospital

When a giant plasma-screen television was stolen from a hospital, Dalkia stepped in to donate a new 42 in plasma-screen/DVD installation through the Wallace & Gromit Appeal. The new screen is protected by extra security. Support was provided by Dalkia’s client, the Bank of Ireland, together with Sounds Commercial and Rentokil.

Engineering expertise for Derby schools

Consultants Pick Everard has won a major role in Derby’s largest-ever schools-building programme, worth £38 million.

Hawke rider
Andrews Sykes sponsorship powers ahead

National hire specialist Andrews Sykes has agreed a major sponsorship with one of the leading teams in the British Superbike Championship. Renewing its long-standing relationship with the Hawk Kawasaki team, the company plans to link its pumping, heating, and site-accommodation activities with customer events built around the 13-round series.

Towering LSE success for Briggs & Forrester

Briggs & Forrester has been awarded a contract at the London School of Economics for the refurbishment of mechanical, electrical and public-health building services. The project for Tower 1 and 2 at Clements Inn, Aldwych, consists of remodelling floor plate incorporating heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting and power.

Printing works
Koolduct is good news for printing works

The need for the speedy installation of ductwork for a new Midlands printing press for newspaper publisher Trinity has been addressed using 3500 m2 of Kingspan’s KoolDuct system. It was installed by Ductform UK throughout the 3-storey building and plant room at Fort Dunlop in Birmingham. The speed was achieved by not having to lag the ducting as a second operation. Scaffolding could be dismantled immediately after each stage of the installation rather than remain in place for lagging, enabling other trades to start work sooner.

In control in Europe’s first intelligent home

The heart of the intelligent building-control system for Microsoft’s first fully networked home in Europe is based on Beckhoff’s home-automation components.

Chiller replacement is ‘keyhole surgery’

Replacing four chillers in a basement plant room called on the use of ‘keyhole surgery’ skills by Chillmech. Managing director Michael White explains that when the original R22 reciprocating chillers were installed in the basement of Sanctuary Buildings, home to the Department for Education & Skills, 20 years ago, the plant room was built around them.

Integrated control system brings the best together

Integration of the totally open building-management systems involving equipment from a large number of suppliers in a development near St Paul’s Cathedral in London has been achieved by Integrated Control Systems. The system for Juxon House, developed by Standard Life Investments, was designed by ICS to a specification by consulting engineers Curona. It embraces equipment from Invensys, Honeywell, Sontay, Mitsubishi, ABB, Delmatic, Calon and others on two networks to meet the client’s determination not to be tied into any one supplier or manufacturer.

Plastic optical fibre reaches Europe

The headquarters of em2c at Lyon in France has become the first building in Europe to install a plastic optical-fibre (POF) cabling solution supplied by Nexans. em2c provides corporate real estate solutions.

High-speed chiller replacement

Just 14 days from placing an order for a York Sonata high-efficiency air-cooled chiller for BAE Systems in Farnborough to final connection has been achieved by York. The project was carried out for Emcor Facilities Services, which had worked with York on many previous projects involving the retrofit design, installation and replacement of air-conditioning equipment.

plastic drainage
Drainage acoustics becoming an issue

Durapipe is advising consultants and installers to give priority to pipe acoustics and sound insulation with the guidance in Part E of the Building Regulations on acoustic requirements.

TMVs protect against scalding by hot water in Colchester hospital

To eliminate the risk of scalding from domestic hot water in Colchester General Hospital, Oventrop Brawa-Mix thermostatic mixing valves have been installed in new HDU/ITU facilities. They have been installed on baths and hand basins by Bower Fuller of Ipswich.

Sage Centre
Ackermann systems add harmony to music centre

Cultural landmark Sage Gateshead has become the first major project to use all three versions of Ackermann Onix underfloor boxes, including one that is water resistant.

Air-conditioning system in tune with La Scala

The renovation of La Scala in Milan features air-conditioning systems design by Trane to overcome the special problems of this renowned theatre.

Air-cooled chillers

Aermec’s NS range of air-cooled chillers comprises seven models with nominal cooling capacities from 150 to 1100 kW. The smaller units have one compressor and the larger ones multiple compressors — with a choice of Daikin or Bitzer. They use R134a.

Luminaires designed for glare-free environments

Fagerhult Lighting’s Indigo luminaires are designed to reduce the sharp gradient between lighting inside the luminaire and the suspended ceiling. The Soft-Frame feature achieves a soft transition at the intersection between the suspended ceiling and secondary reflector. The range is designed to match several types of suspended ceilings.

Insulation testers

Three insulation testers from Martindale Electric offer full compliance with the inspection and testing requirements of the new Part P of the Building Regulations.

Super-silent generators

An acoustic canopy for standby generators that is said to be 10 dB(A) more effective than standard acoustic canopies has been launched by Scorpion Power Systems.

Meter reading
Logging utility meter readings

Stark’s paper-free Meteor for reading utility meters halves the time spent on manual meter reading. It is relevant for organisations with large numbers of sub-meters for cost-centre accounting, tenant billing or monitoring and targeting.

Condensing unit
Air-conditioning condensing units

LG Air Conditioning’s Universal range of outdoor units features MPS and inverter technology. There are two ranges, which can be used with three types of indoor unit — ceiling and floor, ceiling cassette and ceiling concealed duct.

Energy-recovery air-handling units

Exhausto’s VEX100 range of air-handling units incorporates cross-flow plate heat exchangers to provide at least 65% heat recovery. The superior design of the new EXstream impeller makes the fan particularly effective at moving large volumes of air, has low noise levels and good specific-fan-power values.

Improved steam-pressure control valve

Spirax Sarco’s DP27 steam-pressure control valve replaces the DP17 and combines accurate control with increased resilience to harsh environments, easier servicing and simpler selection. These benefits are achieved by a redesign of the pilot valve block, new control spring and enclosure and other improvements. The face-to-face dimensions have not changed, so it is easy to retrofit.

Air curtain
Recessed air curtains

The velocity and volume of Airbloc’s ACR high-capacity recessed air curtain enable it to mounted up to 4 m high. It is suitable for larger commercial premises such retail outlets, leisure facilities, office complexes and lobby areas.

Wall-hung condensing boilers

Lochinvar’s CP-M range of wall hung condensing boiler have pre-mix burners and offer outputs from 60 to 180 kW from six models. They achieve an efficiency of 109.5%.

Trox rationalises air-volume control

Trox’s TVR-Easy volume flow control for air systems is significantly cheaper than its predecessor and also much easier to set up and commission. These units can be applied to variable-air-volume and constant-air-volume systems.

Companies co-operate to offer total underfloor heating service

MHS Boilers has teamed up with Italian manufacturer Giacomini to offer a total service in underfloor heating — embracing design, supply, installation and commissioning.

Condensing combination boiler

Vokera’s Linea high-efficiency condensing combination boiler has SEDBUK Band A rating and is available with outputs of 25, 30 and 35 kW. Flues can be up to 35 m long, and there are multiple flue systems.

Condensing combination boiler

Keston Boilers has entered the market for combination condensing boilers with the 36 kW C36 Combi with high water output. It has a small 50 mm-diameter flue and air-intake system made from muPVC kitchen waste pipe for cost efficiency and easy availability. The flue can extend up to 60 m, vertically or horizontally.

Water treatment
Magnesium-exchange water treatment

Water-treatment specialist has included Honeywell’s Kaltec magnesium-exchange water treatment in its Mg3 range of water-treatment products for the UK market. The technology is said to be very successful in commercial and domestic installations in Europe.

Industrial-strength lighting ballasts

TridonicAtco’s PC Industry range of electronic lighting-control gear is designed for use with T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps in industrial environments.

Flush controller
Urinal flush-control system

The control system of the Aqualogic Hydrocell+ flush-control system for urinals is designed to optimise the balance between hygiene and water economy. Water savings of up to 75% are claimed.

Industrial-strength lighting ballasts

TridonicAtco’s PC Industry range of electronic lighting-control gear is designed for use with T5 and T8 fluorescent lamps in industrial environments.

Water treatment
Magnesium-exchange water treatment

Water-treatment specialist has included Honeywell’s Kaltec magnesium-exchange water treatment in its Mg3 range of water-treatment products for the UK market. The technology is said to be very successful in commercial and domestic installations in Europe.

power quality analyser
Power-quality analyser is panel mounted

Economic and reliable monitoring of power-supply quality is provided by PRI’s Series 400 EC430 power-quality analysers. This range of panel meters costs little more than a portable instrument. Their scope covers analysis up to the 50th harmonic, neutral current measurement and continuous recording of both current and voltage.

air conditioner
High-performance air conditioners

Emerson Network Power has added 10, 12 and 14 kW models to its range of Liebert-Hiross HPS high-performance air conditioners. The HPS range is applications to IT applications and telecom sites.

Lighting control

CP Electronics has introduced lighting-control solutions ranging from simple, high-quality wiring solutions to powerful, addressable lighting-management systems. There are three models in the range.

Drives and motors

ABB’s 36-page catalogue of drives and motors provides technical details on its range of low-voltage AC drives from 120 W to 2800 kW, as well as motors from 60 W to 710 kW. It also presents the company’s range of DC and medium-voltage AC drives.

The catalogue also details software available for drives users. Packages cover integration and programming tools, start-up and maintenance tools, and engineering tools.

Copies can be obtained by telephoning 0800 783 7491.

Wiring accessories

Contactum’s Aspire range of white moulded accessories is covered in a 24-page brochure. This range has a gently curving profile and is described as a contemporary and practical alternative to the company’s traditional moulded square-edge product line.

The Aspire range offers solutions for commercial and domestic projects. Accessories will include data and audio-visual outlets, satellite, triplexers, line jacks, tungsten and intelligent dimmers.

Fire solutions
Fire-detection systems

Cooper Lighting & Security has launched a handbook on ‘Fire solutions’. It runs to 160 pages and includes a design guide for fire systems, which details the requirements of the latest legislation and standards, as well as providing guidance on system design and product selection.

This handbook features all the fire systems and components under the Menvier and JSB brands, divided into four sections covering analogue control panels, analogue interfaces, conventional fire panels and components such as detectors, callpoints, sounders and beacons.

Refrigerant report

The latest Bitzer ‘Refrigerant report’ (number 13) provides information on all current refrigerants, including HCFCs, chlorine-free HFCs, blends and halogen-free refrigerants. Copies are free and can also be downloaded from the company’s web site.

Specifying engineering services

NBS has enhanced its specification software for building-services engineers with 12 new work sections — taking the total to 104 sections. The enhanced product also incorporates improved features, additional functionality and software guidance. It retains the navigation that previous users of NBS specification products will be familiar with.

It offers a library of pre-written specification clauses with extensive guidance, suitable for a wide variety of engineering-services projects.

Carbon 60 starts at home

There is one unbeatable way of learning how to tackle the issue of Carbon 60, says Dave Hampton. Just try.

Mike Taylor
The role of contractors in sustainability

HVCA president Mike Taylor argues that sustainability is the most immediate battle confronting the building-services sector and that contractors are in the front line.

NV Building
The vital role of housing in achieving carbon 60

Reducing the energy consumption of housing in the UK is a vital part of delivering the Carbon 60 objective. Reg Brown explains.