DAVID HEARNE discusses the benefits of modern metal plumbing systems.
With electronic variable-speed pumps being increasingly specified in commercial heating systems, PETER NEARS emphasises that care must be taken to ensure problem-free operation and enable the benefits of energy savings to be achieved.
Doppler device
TED FARNON reviews the potential for the non-invasive measurement of liquid flows, levels and energy flow using ultrasonic devices.
boiler cutaway
If the water and pipework in HVAC systems is contaminated, the consequences can be expensive. GLENN SIMPSON highlights the benefits of clean systems.
pump maintenamce
Howard Hall of Andrew Reid & Partners shows how to change a pump seal in just 18 min 45 s. He won a competition at the recent London Hevar exhibition to change the seal on an Armstrong Holden Brook Pullen 4300 pump, earning for himself a DAB digital radio.
Raystede Centre
The control of the heating system in a new building at The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare in Sussex is provided by a wide range of Oventrop valves.
Pump sets
The latest pressurisation sets from Grundfos Pumps are offered as single- and twin-pump versions in two models. They are applicable to sealed heating and chilled-water systems. They detect a reduction in pressure and automatically refill the system, restoring it to its original pressure.

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Wellbeing and building services

Building services have a significant part to play in improving the wellbeing of occupants in offices. 

Part 2: Holding onto specifications

Alan Jamieson discusses how to keep specifications intact from the design to the completion, a common challenge in M&E engineering.