Modern Building Services
Heating airtight buildings

The air-leakage requirements of the latest Building Regulations will have an effect on space heating systems. KEITH SPRAGUE explains how radiant and warm-air systems will fare under the new regulations.

Warm-air heating is the right route for bus depot

A warm-air heating system from Reznor positioned to create a cyclonic rotating air-distribution effect is maintaining comfortable temperatures in Ensign Buses’ large depot and maintenance facility.

The return of centralised plant

LARS FABRICUS describes how central energy plant can be used with local hot water generators in dwellings for maximum efficiency

Keston boilers meet educational challenge

Keston Boilers has supplied two SEDBUK A rated high-efficiency C55 boilers for the new £34 million Nugent House annexe of Eastbourne College. For speed of installation, the boilers were built into a bespoke floor-standing rig. Savings in installation costs were also made possible by the small-diameter flue system, which can run up to 45 m vertically or horizontally.

Isle of Skye exploits ground-source heat pumps

Stiebel Eltron has won a contract to supply heat pumps for 41 houses on the Isle of Skye. They will extract heat from the ground.

Exploring the benefits of underfloor heating

Comfort levels, space restrictions, interior design — the arguments for underfloor heating are endless. REX INGRAM gives advice on the planning and design of underfloor heating system.

New church school enjoys underfloor heating

Comfort and safety for children in a new primary have been achieved using a Robbens underfloor heating system. The new Church of England primary school at Yaxham in Norfolk replaces a building dating from the nineteenth century.

Space heating with continuous ventilation

The Econo-Air 3000 series of direct-fired gas heating and ventilating system from Stokvis Energy Systems incorporates high-efficiency burner and controls to optimise energy usage, minimise the effects of draughts and cold penetration, and instantly respond to falls in internal temperature.

Electric underfloor heating for Orkney arts centre

Energy-efficient underfloor heating systems are being installed in the Piers Arts Centre in Stromness, Orkney, to provide background heating. The museum is being renovated and regenerated, with an extension to link the two existing buildings. The Raychem systems are being used extensively, including the entrance, galleries, lobbies and cloakroom areas.

Church conversion enjoys underfloor heating

Heating for a luxury penthouse created during the conversion of a church into 12 apartments is provided by an Even-Heat underfloor heating system.

Dimplex is a hot performer

The heating range of Dimplex includes products for most commercial, light-industrial and domestic applications — enabling the creation of fully integrated heating systems or the provision of localised room or spot heating.

Electric boiler provides simple wet-heating solution

The Redring Hotbox electric boiler provides economical heating where space is limited or gas is unavailable. These boilers drive sealed wet systems in light-commercial or domestic situations. They can deliver a flow temperature of 60°C to eight radiators against an outside temperature of 0°C.

New boilers give more servicing space in same size of case

14 engineering upgrades suggested by extensive customer feedback are incorporated into Ferroli’s new Optimax HE combi and system boilers. Almost all involve making life easier for the installer and service engineer by giving all parts and connections more hand and tool space — without increasing the size of the boiler.

Electric heating is part of the solution

Electric heating itself does not emit carbon dioxide, and nor need the generation of electricity from renewable and nuclear sources. DAVID RUMBLES reflects on a new future.

Reducing heating costs in buildings with high roofs

A reduction in heating costs of up to 30% is claimed by Airflow Developments by using its Economiser to take warm air from the roof void in large buildings and redirect it back down to floor level. This claim is substantiated by an independent investigation carried out by BSRIA. The product lends itself to use in retail warehouses, factories and community leisure facilities.

Unconventional underfloor heating cuts building schedule

Nearly 2500 m2 of underfloor heating has been installed at Young Options College in Shifnal, Shropshire. Unusually, the tubing was installed by fixing it directly to the reinforcing mesh within the slab by Thermo-floor rather than installing onto the slab and then covering it with a screed.

Underfloor-heating qualification under development

UHMA (the Underfloor Heating Manufacturers’ Association) has launched the UK’s first independent training course in the design and installation of underfloor heating.

BSS boosts radiant- heating range

BSS has added a new range of tubular radiant heaters to its portfolio of BOSS-branded products.

LST radiators are performance certified

Autron’s range of LST (low surface temperature) radiators has been independently tested by BSRIA for heating output and casing temperature — ensuring that specifiers, contractors and users can be confident of quoted performance data.

Coverad redefines the electric heater

Coverad has developed a range of induced-airflow electric heaters for commercial applications that meet the needs of current legislation and cater for a market where safety, electrical efficiency, ease of installation, low maintenance and robust construction are required.

Underfloor heating for professionals

Osma Underfloor Heating has published a new guide for professional heating installers. It describes the wide range of solutions from the company and provides best-practice advice for working with underfloor heating systems in commercial and domestic applications.

Design issues for commercial heating systems

PETE MILLS looks at some key considerations in designing commercial heating installations to maximise the potential of gas-fired condensing boilers.

Perspectives on value engineering

NICK CULLEN stresses that value engineering should be solely focused on the interests of the client.

No need for extra time with pre-sealed ductwork

The speed of installation of LindabSafe ductwork in the new stadium of Doncaster Rovers has helped reduce the risk of the project moving into extra time.

Spend more, save even more

Value engineering can offer significant benefits for organisations looking to improve energy efficiencies from their building systems, argues LEE TABBATT

Cable tray cuts labour costs for cancer-treatment centre

Considerable reductions in installation time for cabled services in the new £87 million cancer-treatment centre in Glasgow have been achieved using Cablofil steel-wire cable tray.

Long-life luminaires cut life-cycle costs for Knauf

Operational savings of over £50 000 a year are being achieved following the installation of long-life, maintenance-free Endurance luminaires from Chalmor. These luminaires have been installed in the new warehouse and factory of Knauf Drywall in South Humberside.

New-generation lighting control offers greater value

An outstanding price/performance ratio is claimed for the fifth generation of digital, dimmable lighting controls from TridonicAtco. The PCA T5 ECO lp range combines DSI technology, switchDIM and intelligent protection mechanism in a plug-and-play solution.

BACnet capability drives economies for ABB HVAC drives

Ease of integration with building-management systems has led to ABB HVAC drives being installed at the new Cheshire & Merseyside NHS Treatment Centre based at Halton Hospital.

Delivering cost-effective improvement to chiller design

ANDREW KEOGH discusses the benefits of different heat-exchanger technology on chiller design.

Radiant heating scores on whole-life cost analysis

Following an analysis of whole-life costs for heating its new garage, Simonds, which operates coach and bus services, has chosen an Ambi-Rad radiant-heating system.

Reducing the energy consumption of lighting

PAUL DAVIDSON explores a range of approaches to reducing longer-term lighting costs.

CIBSE and Carbon Trust show the way to tons of carbon savings in 100 days

CIBSE’s campaign to reduce carbon emissions this summer was an outstanding success. The outcome shows clearly just how much can be done for a small effort and investment. Our coverage of this campaign highlights the achievement of some of the award winners, with useful lessons for readers keen to mimic their success.

Peacock Group looks to the long term

A long-term energy strategy for the Peacock Group includes a simple approach to preventing electrical equipment being left on overnight unnecessarily.

Acclaim for best campaign, but building shortcomings are revealed

United Business Media mounted a good carbon-saving campaign at Ludgate House in London, but it is clear that there is far to go.

100 days is just part of ongoing campaign for Copthorne Hotel at Cardiff

Even with five years of energy-saving initiatives under its belt, the Copthorne Hotel at Cardiff was able to embark on enough new measures to scoop the award for the most carbon saved.

Clothes-off day at architectural practice reveals opportunities for energy saving

Everyone in the Exeter office of a firm of architects is more aware of

energy-conservation opportunities.

Advancing the science of smoke ventilation

In even moderately tall buildings, measures to clear smoke in the event of a fire take up valuable floor space. A new approach by Colt considerably reduces that space requirement.

SunPipes bring light to the British Antarctic Survey

To maximise the use of daylight in new accommodation units and laboratory for the British Antarctic Survey at Bird Island, South Georgia, Monodraught SunPipes have been installed. The site has continuous daylight for about 10 weeks of the summer and very long days for about six months. In the winter, it is either dark or the Sun does not appear above the horizon.

Weatherite is called to magistrates’ court

Weatherite Building Services has installed a new air-conditioning system at the Magistrates’ Court in Dudley, West Midlands.

Steinel in control at T5

Steinel’s third-generation lighting controller switches are controlling lighting in and around the new control tower at Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport.

Centralised hot water for prestigious residential developments

Centralised hot-water services for two prestigious residential developments in West London are provided by installations based on Andrews water heaters. Consultants Chapman Bathurst specified the equipment for The Phillimores (the redevelopment of Queen Elizabeth College in Duchess of Bedford Walk) and Phillimore Square (a project on the Sir John Atkins site, which formed part of King’s College and includes the creation of a new residential square).

Vokera shows its capabilities in light-commercial market

Vokera’s recently launched CondexaPRO boiler has been installed in the head office and warehouse of the New Charter Building Company as part of the upgrading of the heating system.

Scorpion Power Systems delivers backup power for credit-card company

A tailor-made backup-power solution has been devised by Scorpion Power Systems to support the expanding IT network of Servebase Global Card Solutions. Servebase is a significant player in EFTPOS and card-processing software and wanted to ensure that it could always respond to customer demand, even during a mains power failure.

BSkyB minimises risk of refrigerant leakage

Star Refrigeration has now completed the installation of an Indigochiller cooling system to serve the headquarters of BSkyB in London. The Indigochiller uses R134a and has electromagnetic bearings in the compressor to eliminate the leakage of refrigerant. It was development in direct response to proposed F-gas regulations.

Carrier adds new Berlin venue to its list of museum projects

Carrier has added to its list of museums using its equipment for air conditioning with an installation for the a new exhibition hall at the Deutsche Historische Museum in Berlin. It was designed by Chinese-American architect leoh Ming Pei and houses a permanent exhibition depicting German history in images and eye-witness reports. Other Carrier museum projects include Tate Modern in London and the Uffizi in Florence. The frescoes of the Sistine Chapel in Rome are also protected by Carrier air conditioning.

LindabSafe keeps ss Great Britain shipshape

The moisture-free environment that is vital to the preservation of one of Brunel’s iconic projects, the ss Great Britain, is delivered by ductwork based on LindabSafe presealed spiral ducting.

Toshiba VRF systems provide solution for cooling computer server rooms in Derbyshire

Computer server rooms supporting the administration of the whole of Derbyshire are being kept at the required temperature by a strategic combination of Toshiba 2-pipe and 3-pipe VRF systems. The SMMS and SHRM systems use R410A.

Rinnai water heaters demonstrate their capabilities at fitness centre

Instantaneous hot water to meet the requirements of the LyonsDen Fitness Centre at Bagillt in Flintshire is generated by three Rinnai Infinity HD50i water heaters.

LG cools club shop at Emirates Stadium

Cooling for the club shop of Arsenal FC in the new Emirates Stadium is provided by an LG VRF air-conditioning system.