Modern Building Services

Leeds office building sets new high BREEAM rating

Only proven technologies are used in a new commercial office building in Leeds, but the way they have been brought together sets a new landmark for energy efficiency in buildings.

Reducing whole-life costs without upfront investment

Peter Orr explains how integrating building systems from the outset of a project incurs little or no extra cost — and then delivers savings throughout the life of the building.

Reducing the costs of chiller plant

Understanding the life cycle costs of a chiller installation requires a clear view of the full picture. Wayne Perrins explores the features of chillers that can make all the difference.

A business strategy based on the whole-life approach

Mark Andrews explains why the whole-life approach forms the cornerstone of NG Bailey’s business strategy.

Interfacing the efficiency of central plant with autonomous control

To benefit from the potential for centralised plant to achieve higher efficiency than decentralised plant, Evinox has supplied a Geminox condensing boiler module and Modusat interface units to provide heating and hot water for a development of 10 luxury apartments in Swanage.

New lighting makes light work of maintenance and energy

Both energy and maintenance costs in the mains sports hall of the Sands Centre in Carlisle have been reduced following the installation of long-life, high-output Brilliance light fittings from Chalmor. The savings are expected to achieve a payback of three years on initial capital cost.

The opportunities of the need for more communication

Stuart Aynsley explores how the cost of converged communications in buildings provides the basis for a whole range of new opportunities — without incurring significant cost.

Enjoying the value of air conditioning

Whether an installer is specifying a new or replacement air-conditioning system, it is important to embrace the concept of whole-life costs by educating the end-user on the key benefits. Simon Keel outlines what end-users need to know from installers so they can release the real value of their equipment.

The cost of air distribution

John Garbutt describes the results of an independent analysis of the long-term-costs of ductwork.

New lighting will pay back its costs in just over two years

‘We asked ABS Consulting to recommend what practical and most efficient measures we could take to cut our excessive energy use which would give use the greatest return on investment. Eliminating wasteful use of lighting by automatic lighting management was the clear winner,’ says Fiona Crann, head of facility at the South East England Development Agency’s (SEEDA) 5-storey headquarters building in Guildford.

Evaporative cooling stops the temperature rising in bakery

Comfort cooling with low capital costs and long-term low running costs have been achieved in the main bakery area of Buxton Spa Bakery using a Breezair evaporative cooling system from Seeley International.

Village hall in Cornwall uses renewable energy to minimise energy costs

Helping to minimise energy costs for the environmental control system serving the Community Village Hall at Pendeen in Cornwall is a ground-source heat pump to provide heating and hot water for this award-winning project, which serves wide-ranging local needs from crèche to snooker club. The project has won the community category in the South West Green Energy Awards.

New boilers reduce costs on multi-storey estate

Cost savings of at least 20% are expected following the replacement of outdated boiler plant at the Arndale Estate in Wandsworth to provide heating and hot water for 388 homes in five blocks — and public areas. Other cost-saving measures include improved insulation, new pumps to improve circulation efficiency and an upgraded energy-management system for operating efficiency.

Air conditioning is selected for long-term energy use

To minimise the energy used for air conditioning the various buildings at the £8 million Wildwood Triangle development in Worcester, each building has Daikin VRV heat-recovery air conditioning and energy-reclaim ventilation provided by 17 Daikin VAM units. Billed by developer Maximus as ‘the best office address in Worcester, the complex comprises five self-contains 2-storey blocks offering 170 to 725 m2 of lettable space, with a total of 3700 m2.

Plate heat exchangers help trim hospital energy costs

Replacing calorifiers with plate heat exchangers to supply heating and domestic hot water at Bradford Royal Infirmary will reduce energy bills by 15%, it is estimated.

Anticipating the seventeenth edition of the Wiring Regulations

Many electrical engineers and electricians have only ever known the sixteenth edition of the Wiring Regulations, but the forthcoming seventeenth edition will be less of a culture shock than the change from the fifteenth to sixteenth edition in 1991.

Who goes there? CP’s new detector

CP Electronics’ compact EBDSPIR detector can be mounted flush into a ceiling or on the surface of a ceiling using a fast-fix detector box.

Elektrak system is just the ticket for new passport office

Power-distribution specialist Electrak has played a key role in making the new Liverpool office of the UK Passport Service an energy-efficient operation with its Lightrak KNX light power distribution and controls system.

Moving smoothly to the 17th Edition

Details of the 17th Edition of the Wiring Regulations are due to be published in a couple of months. So now is the time to start thinking about how your software will cope with the new requirements, says Philip Grace.

Standby power on demand

Even worse than disruption caused by a mains power failure is a standby generator that refuses to start. Lorraine John offers advice on how to minimise such problems.

Reducing the cost burden of emergency lighting

Light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are well suited to emergency lighting. Barrie Walsh explains how their efficient use of electricity and long life can reduced the cost burden of emergency lighting.

Eaton put through its paces by ambulance service

The ability to supply a vital switchboard in record time helped Eaton Electric secure the order for a new PLC-controlled main switchboard for the Cheshire and Merseyside area of North West Ambulance Service NHS Trust as part of a major refurbishment of its electrical power supply.

Power Electrics supplies clean standby power for hospital in Wales

Among the features of the 1500 kVA standby diesel generator supplied by Power Electrics to back up the critical installation at Bronglais General Hospital, which is in Aberystwyth, is an emissions reduction system.

Sophisticated luminaire addresses challenges of LG7

Whitecroft Lighting’s Duo luminaire gradually varies its intensity and colour temperature throughout the working day to counteract the peaks and troughs in alertness that most people experience through the day.

Marshall Tufflex
Marshall-Tufflex makes faster work of electrical connections

The Marshall-Tufflex MT32 power connection system uses pre-wired and pre-tested components to significantly reduce wiring time for socket outlets in commercial buildings.

Mercury offers complete recycling package for waste electrical equipment

Mercury Recycling has introduced a complete package to encompass all the products affected by the WEEE regulations (EC Directive on Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment).

Hager contract reaches greater heights in Yorkshire project

Contractor Shepherd Engineering Services has used Hager’s sub-distribution boards for the tallest building in Yorkshire, Bridgewater Place in Leeds. This 32-storey building has 21 800 m2 of office space.

Focus SB adds to its customer services

Wiring-accessory manufacturer Focus SB has added a new service to its web site. It enables customers to view the stock levels of its top 16 product lines so that they can see what is readily available for next-day delivery.

Radio-addressable emergency lighting wins innovation award

A radio-based system for addressing emergency-lighting fittings has won two awards in the Technology & Innovation Awards for 2007. The addressing system used in emergency luminaires from P4 is powered by batteries and does not require data cabling. It is efficient and clean to install anywhere, which is a special advantage for hospitals, clinics and medical centres.

Ensuring security of the standby power supplies for Land Securities

Merlin Power Management has been awarded a contract to service and maintain standby generators at a number of Land Securities sites in London. The contract is for Inviron, which itself is now responsible for managing the mechanical and electrical services at these sites, which include Land Securities’ own office in the Strand and commercial, retail and office premises owned by the company.

Free training seminars on new Wiring Regulations

Hager is to run a series of seminars on the 17th edition of the Wiring Regulation. They will run from January 2008 onwards, after the new regulation are published.

Dimplex updates its web site

Dimplex has updated its web site to make it easier than ever to get information on the latest ideas in space-, water- and renewable-heating solutions.

Electrical accessories

Hamilton Litestat, which makes electrical accessories, has released its first digital catalogue covering its entire product portfolio. It also contains extensive technical information and details of major projects. This CD is free and contains more product information than the company has ever published before.

Inverter-controlled air conditioners

Acson International has prepared a brochure on its extended range of air-conditioning products. It highlights the key features and benefits of inverter-based systems — including wall-mounted, twin-split wall-mounted, ceiling cassette, ceiling exposed and ceiling concealed systems offering heating and cooling and using R410A.

Boilers and Part L2 of the Building Regulations

Potterton Commercial has produced a free, easy-to-follow guide explaining the minimum requirements for commercial boilers under Part L2 of the Building Regulations.

Guide to HVAC drives for consultants

A brochure from ABB highlights the features of motor drives that can help get the best possible performance for an HVAC system. Aimed at consultants, it is called ‘Variable-speed drives for building services: checklist for HVAC consultants’.

Heating using wood pellets

To make it easier for architects, specifiers and builders to install heating systems fired by wood pellets, the Energy Crops Company has prepared its ‘Wood pellet design guide’. It provides information on all the practical aspects of wood-pellet heating, including system design, access, delivery, storage and installation — as well as a summary of relevant planning guidelines and financial support available.

LPG equipment for commercial users

Calor, a market leader for liquefied petroleum gas, has launched a web site for commercial gas users. The company has invested over £30 000 in the site, which intends to be a one-stop shop for gas users. It offers replacement gas parts and commercial gas tools. There is an extensive range of products, including regulators, hoses, changeover valves, torches, industrial lighting and heating products, catering boilers/water heaters, thermocouples and accessories.

Mains power quality

REO UK offers a 60-page handbook on ‘Main power quality’ It explains the nature of AC power quality, why it is increasingly important and outlines preventive techniques.

Delivering renewable energy

While not directly a source of renewable energy, heat-pump technology provides a very effective way of harnessing renewable energy — and can also help meet the renewable-energy requirements for planning permission.

Delivering the benefits of building intelligence

Doug Robins shares his views on how the potential benefits of building intelligence can be realised in our regular series of article contributed by the Building Controls Industry Association.

Daikin sets up recycling scheme for air-conditioning equipment

Daikin has introduced a recycling scheme for air conditioning equipment that goes beyond the requirements of the WEEE directive for recycling electrical and electronic goods.

NG Bailey acclaims Tour & Andersson’s valve expertise

Tour & Andersson’s expertise in hydronic balancing valves for HVAC systems has won for the company NG Bailey’s award for market-leading technology. The award was presented to Nigel Huggins, managing director of T&A (left), at NG Bailey’s inaugural supplier conference by Martin Bailey, managing director of NG Bailey.

Balfour Kilpatrick rationalises its supply chain

Balfour Kilpatrick has rationalised its supply chain over the last few months, a programme that has been orchestrated by David Swinburne, the company’s supply-chain and procurement manager.

100 days
Big names sign up for carbon-cutting campaign

A host of big-name organisations have signed up to CIBSE’s 100 days of carbon clean-up campaign, which helps to raise awareness of simple behavioural steps and managerial initiatives that can cut carbon emissions from buildings.

Flakt Woods has the X factor

Look to the back of the set in the week when the finalists for the live finals of television’s ‘The X Factor’ talent show were announced and what do you see? The answer is a backdrop formed of a 1.6 m diameter fan from Flakt Woods’ popular JM range of industrial fans.

Electrical testers head for Antarctica

Two staff of Inviron are escaping the depth of the British winter for a project in the Southern Hemisphere — at the Rothera Research Station in Antarctica. Asa Downing and Jason Faulkner of the building-system team at Ipswich will be carrying out the 5-yearly test and inspection of all fixed electrical systems at Rothera. They are due to return in February 2008.

Ductwork parties discuss their interests

Ductwork specialists and M&E contractors were presented with a rare opportunity to air their differences at a symposium on ductwork contracting in the 21st century organised jointly by ADCAS (Association of Ductwork Contractors and Suppliers) and the HVCA (Heating & Ventilating Contractors’ Association).

European study confirms the energy-saving benefits of underfloor heating

A review of the Standard Assessment Procedure for dwellings will take account of two years of independent study in Europe that has confirmed that underfloor heating is more efficient than radiators. Aware that the results of this study were imminent, the BRE delayed a planned revision of the SAP to take account of the findings, and the new version is expected to show underfloor heating in a new and more favourable light.