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Clivet introduces new water-loop heat-pump range

Clivet has extended the Versatemp range with the addition of a new range of high-efficiency water-loop heat-pump products.
EVH ceiling-mounted units are designed for ducted applications and offer heating/cooling duties from 1.7 to 7.1 kW. Each unit incorporates a high-quality rotary compressor, thermostatic expansion valves and brazed plate heat exchanger.
Terminal units are designed with minimal quantities of refrigerant and extract or reject heat from/to a neutral-temperature water loop. This approach makes it possible to transfer heat from parts of a building that require cooling to areas that require heating.
All these new EVH units come as standard with Clivet Talk Electronics and HID controller. Options include differential-pressure switch and solenoid valve control of the water flow for variable-flow water-loop systems.

BSRIA briefing educates industry on schools for the future

The Government’s nationwide drive to improve schools with over £9 billion investment proved a popular and controversial topic at this year’s BSRIA Briefing, held in London in November. Over 500 delegates heard speakers discuss the progress being made on the Building Schools for the Future programme — but not all were agreed on its success.

London 2012 launches sustainability plan

The sustainability plan for the London Olympic games in 2012 includes addressing climate-change issues by minimising greenhouse-gas emissions and ensuring that legacy facilities can cope with the impact of climate change.

Stimulating integration of supply-chains will boost efficiency

The early involvement of specialist contractors at design stage is the only way the building-services industry will deliver great efficiency on construction projects. That was the message from a one-day summit at Wembley to highlight the concerns of the £19.3 billion building-services industry.

New timetable for energy certificates

The timetable for bringing in energy performance certificates (EPCs) for buildings has been delayed. The Department for Communities & Local Government has set a starting date for new buildings from April 2008, with certificates for buildings being sold or rented phased in between April and October. Display certificates for public buildings will be required from October 2008.

Elta Fans becomes CIBSE patron

Elta Fans, which makes and supplies fans and air-movement products, has become a patron of the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineering, reinforcing its dedication to strengthening the quality of the building-services industry.

BEST plans better and more apprentice training

Building Services Engineering Training is increasing the number of apprenticeship places it offers by 50% next year, helping the organisation’s aim of promoting and supporting the building-services engineering sector.

Trox strengthens its senior management team in response to unprecedented growth

Hard on the heels of major and rapid growth over the last 18 months, Trox has expanded its senior team. Managing director David Leatherbarrow explains, ‘The business has grown by 50% over the last 18 months, and with the success of Trox advanced IT cooling systems we needed to increase the skills within the business to maintain and improve our customer service levels — and that process is still continuing across the business at all levels.’

100% biodiesel CHP starts trials in UK

Nick Brown, MP, Minister for North East England (left) opens a state-of-the-art biodiesel CHP system at the New & Renewable Energy Centre. The Clothier Laboratories at the Hebburn research centre will host the first demonstration project in the UK of a new generation of CHP engines fuelled by 100% biodiesel.

Honeywell invests in Ex-Or

Following its recent acquisition of Ex-Or, Honeywell has announced significant investment to increase manufacturing capacity by 50% over the next 18 months.

M&E consultancy wins HSBC green award for start-ups

Red Engineering Design’s innovative approach to M&E design has won the practice first prize in the green award category of the 2007 HSBC Start-up Stars Awards. The company was selected from over 1200 entries for its innovative approach to minimising the environmental impact of buildings and helping end clients reduce their carbon footprint.

New identity devised for regeneration project in Middlesbrough

The £200 million regeneration of Middlesbrough’s Middlehaven Docks by sustainable-community developer BioRegional Quintain will be known as RiversideOne. It will have a striking landscape of contemporary architecture for living, work and leisure. Designed by award-winning architect Will Alsop, it will include waterfront homes, offices and leisure facilities at what will be the largest zero-carbon development in the UK.

HVCA SFG20 maintenance standard goes online

The HVCA’s ‘SFG20 — standard maintenance specification for building services’ is now web-based — making it easier to use and allowing it to be regularly updated in line with changing regulations and best practice.

Grundfos grows its presence in Hungary

Grundfos Pumps has opened a new 1000 m2 European Competence Centre in Hungary and a third 25 000 m2 factory at Szekesfehervar, 60 km from the factory at Tatabanya, which was opened in 2001 and extended in 2005.

CIBSE awards will acclaim low-carbon performance

Low-carbon professionals, buildings and projects are to be rewarded at a new event organised by the Chartered Institution of Building Services. It will focus on real, measurable improvements and progress, rather than on problems and possible solutions. The event will also publicise these achievements to the building-services sector, to its clients and to the wider public.

Honeywell-sponsored team wins championship for second year in a row

Heating installer Neil Plimmer and his driving partner Geoff Fawcett have won the Uniroyal Fun Cup motor-racing series for the second year running in their Team Honeywell car. The races are endurance events on major circuits, including Brands Hatch and Snetterton. They feature regularly on Sky Sport TV.

Business in consultancy and engineering grows above previous expectations

Business in consultancy and engineering in the UK is continuing to grow, according to the latest state-of-business report from the Association for Consultancy & Engineering.

Showing the way to low carbon

Warmafloor’s new headquarters substantially outperforms Building Regulations that came into force after it was designed. And managing director Mike Lamb wants to share his experiences with the setting up of a sustainable energy centre

Introducing the master systems integrator

Ron Bernstein foresees the future of building controls being driven by the evolution of the master systems integrator.

Transforming washrooms

Cistermiser, which is widely known for its device for controlling automatic flushing cisterns, has been thinking more widely about improving the functionality and water use of washrooms.

When it’s time to think big

There’s a powerful environmental and economic case for underfloor heating in large spaces, says Mike Lamb.

Having your heating and seating it

Demonstrating that form and function do not have to be mutually exclusive is this stylish bench radiator from Jaga Heating Products. Providing an interesting focal point for areas such as lobbies and public spaces, this freestanding unit is available in lengths from 1.2 to 2.8 m and outputs from 2.2 to 5.1 kW. Standard colours are white or sandblast or sandblast grey metallic.

The controlled approach to reducing carbon emissions

Intelligent controls can reduce the annual fuel consumption of combi boilers by up to 15%. Owen Mace explains how.

Emmeti adds more features to its heating manifold

Emmeti UK has improved its manifold for radiators and underfloor heating with the addition of a flow meter for each circuit to speed up commissioning, two drain-off and filling points (rather than one) that can be used at the same time — also to speed up commissioning. A Grundfos pump is also incorporated into a full pre-assemble manifold.

Using radiators as an art form

Look closely at the object on the wall at the far end of this room. Believe it or not, it’s a radiator. Its manufacturer, Jaga Heating Products, describes it as ‘the beautiful Heatwave radiator’.

Electric heating mats can be laid under any floor

Creda’s electric underfloor heating mats are just 3 mm thick and can be used with any type of flooring, including ceramic tiles, carpet, laminate or wooden floors.

Combining the benefits of safety and energy efficiency

Phil Marris explains how the latest technology for low-surface-temperature radiators delivers safety and energy-efficient performance.

Combining the benefits of central boilers with individual heating and hot-water systems

Lars Fabricius of SAV Modules explains how new heat-exchange technology can bring the benefits of their own combi boiler to dwellings served by central boilers.

Space heating with low flow temperatures

David Hearne reflects on the demands placed on wet space-heating systems by the trend towards lower flow temperatures — and how radiators can still feature in such systems.

Two new boilers hanging on a wall

Ferroli has two wall-hung condensing boilers to its range. They have outputs of 80 and 125 kW and can be installed singly or in banks for higher outputs.

Underfloor heating moves up a level

How do you install underfloor heating underneath a wooden suspended floor? Bill McConnel offers a range of solutions.

Dunham-Bush achieves the LST fan convector

The new low-surface-temperature version of Dunham-Bush’s AM series of fan convectors ensures that surface temperatures do not exceed 43°C.

Honeywell introduces wireless controller for heating manifolds

Honeywell has made it much easier and faster to install energy-saving controls for underfloor heating and radiator systems served via a manifold. The HCE80 wireless manifold controller works with existing Honeywell wireless heating programmers and thermostats. It can be mounted close to the manifold, and there are no control cables between the rooms being heated.

Lochinvar introduces commercial condensing boilers with pre-mix burners

Lochinvar has introduced a new version of its CP-M high-efficiency condensing boiler for commercial use. These wall-hung condensing boilers have pre-mix modulating burners and can incorporate additional on-board options, including control of up to four different zones, providing a cost-effective alternative to a full building-management system.

BSS introduces own-brand range of radiators

BSS Industrial now offers its own-brand radiator — The BOSS RIOpanel. It is the result of collaboration between manufacturer Hudevad and complements the BOSS range of thermostatic radiator valves launched early this year.

Vaillant is just what the doctor ordered

Two Vaillant wall-hung condensing boilers have replaced an old industrial boiler to provide heating and hot water for a private GP practice in London. Vaillant supplied two ecoMAX 65 kW boilers, a low-loss header, condensate pump and air and dirt separator for Chase lodge in Mill Hill.

The ‘open fire’ that connects to a wet heating system

Combining the function of a radiator with the aesthetics of an open fire is Smith's Industries” Hydroflame, which is regularly installed in homes by Wrexham Maelor Borough Council.

A cleaner way to bleed radiators

A new approach to bleeding radiators has been developed by Homeguard.

Replacement radiant heating delivers new level of comfort

Ambi-Rad’s new Vision range of energy-efficient radiant-tube heaters have been installed in the two buildings of Ash & Lacy at West Bromwich to replace a warm-air system.

Flakt Wood fans

Flakt Woods has updated its Express Direct range of fans and published a new price-list catalogue.

Control peripheral products

Sontay’s 2008 catalogue of control peripheral products is available in hard copy, as a CD-ROM or for downloading as a pdf file. The catalogue details product features, service improvements and competitive pricing information on its comprehensive and recently extended range.

VRF air conditioning and Part L

To help contractors and consultants calculate the seasonal energy efficiency ratio of its VRF air-conditioning systems, Toshiba has devised a calculation spreadsheet based on Microsoft Excel. This information is now required as part of the calculations for overall building energy performance.

Wiring Regulations

ELECSA is running a series of free open evenings on the seventeenth edition of the Wiring Regulations. They will be held at a choice of locations around the country.

Water treatment

The United Kingdom Water Treatment Association has developed a web site to provide a range of information on water treatment. It outlines the scope of the four key technology areas it represents (chemical water treatment, water softening, water conditioning and drinking-water filters and membranes). It also deals with frequently asked questions.

BSRIA toolkit updates responsibilities of designers and contractors

BSRIA has developed a toolkit for designers and contractors covering handover, O&M manuals and project feedback. It runs to 114 pages and updates and combines TN15/95 ‘Handover information for building services’ and AG1/87.1 ‘Operating and maintenance manuals.

Building-controller video shows installation speed

When you have 95 seconds to spare, Honeywell invites you to look at its video of its CentraLine Lion building controller being installed and commissioned. The clip is on YouTube and the CentraLine City web site.

Artificial lighting closely resembles natural daylight

Aura Corporation’s brochure on its Actulite polarised daylighting explains how its emits light closely resembling natural daylight. This is achieved by combining the patented Actulite multi-layered light-polarising filter with high-frequency control gear and specially manufactured triphosphor full-spectrum fluorescent tubes.

Fan selection

Elta Fans has updated its interactive CD to make fan selection quicker and easier. This latest version offers new product ranges, updated smoke and hazardous-area selections in relation to the latest standards, the addition of system curves and actual operating points to performance data and the ability to calculate idling losses for axial fans.

Airing the differences in the ductwork industry

The ductwork sector must take advantage of the current healthy state of the market to tackle contractual abuses and poor profit margins. Modern Building Services reports from the first joint HVCA/ADCAS ductwork conference.

Airing the differences in the ductwork industry

The ductwork sector must take advantage of the current healthy state of the market to tackle contractual abuses and poor profit margins. Modern Building Services reports from the first joint HVCA/ADCAS ductwork conference.