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Myson Floortec offers naked underfloor pipe system

Published:  03 November, 2011

Myson, underfloor heating, space heating

Myson Floortec offers a ‘naked-plate’ version of its popular preformed plate system for wet underfloor heating systems. It is designed as a more cost-effective, streamlined version of the system and fits beneath flooring where there is less vertical space.

Traditional preformed plate UFH system have an 11 mm layer of insulation so that heat is not lost through the floor. The ‘naked-plate’ version does not have an insulation layer, creating a product which is more cost- and space-efficient.

Myson Floortec’s preformed plate system is compatible with 17, 14 or 16 mm pipe.

The castellated fixing system comprises raised burls designed to firmly grip the Myson Floortec heating pipe. Preformed plate is laid over the concrete sub-floor and then covered with floor screed.

The system provides a fast and effective method of anchoring pipework, making it suitable for single-person installation.

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