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Solar PV in the community

Published:  06 July, 2011

Solar PV, Eco2Solar
Reducing fuel bills and keeping down hire costs — the solar PV system on Areley Kings Village Hall installed by Eco2Solar.

Just six weeks after the installation of a solar photo-voltaic on the roof of Areley Kings Village Hall in Stourport, over 700 kWh of electricity had been generated and over £300 received for the electricity generated and fed back into the National Grid.

The £15 000 installation was carried out by Eco2Solar of Kidderminster.

Estimates suggest that the system will produce more than half of the electricity the hall uses in a year. Payments of £43.3 p/kWh will be received over the next 25 years under the Feed in Tariff.

Graham Baldwin, a trustee of the village hall, said, ‘Our hall will be so much more eco-friendly and our energy costs reduced considerably, which will help to keep our hire costs down and benefit all our users.

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