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Energy Institute elects first chartered energy manager

Published:  11 January, 2011

The Energy Institute has elected its first chartered energy manager. He is Owen Everall, CEng, MEI, who is site-engineering and facilities manager for Syngenta. The EI launched this grade of registration early in 2010 to support and recognise professional practitioners who are responsible for managing energy to reduce use, increase efficient and reduce carbon emissions on a daily basis.

Owen Everall joined Syngenta in 2004 and has worked with the site engineering team to effect changes to the way building services are operated, resulting in an energy reduction of 43% and water savings of 60%. That amounts to a reduction in gas and electricity consumption of 31 GWh down to 41 GWh. Water consumption has been reduced from 174 000 t to 72 000 t a year. Overall savings are 3.6 million.

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