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Comprehensive infra-red energy pack saves £2520

Published:  01 December, 2010

Flir, infra-red survey, thermal imaging

With Winter being an ideal time for infra-red surveys of buildings because of the greater difference between indoor and outdoor temperatures, Flir is offering an energy pack comprising a thermal camera and free complementary products to create a comprehensive kit — for an overall cost saving of £2520. The offers runs to 31 December 2010.

Infra-red surveys also have an important role to play in air-tightness testing, electrical and HVAC inspection and identifying areas where the ingress of moisture can cause mould growth.

The basis of the energy pack is the Flir B425 professional building-inspection camera. It combines high thermal sensitivity and resolution with dedicated application functions such as dewpoint and insulation alarms. Other features include 8x digital zoom, ∆t and smart image stitching.

As well as the standard Quick Report, the energy pack also comes with the BuildIR software and the Meterlink-enables Extech moisture meter, which can transmit data wirelessly to the camera so that data such as RH and ambient temperature become embedded in the infra-red image.

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