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Potterton Commercial adds condensing capability to oil-fired boilers

Published:  11 October, 2010

Potterton Commercial, LogoCondense, condensing boiler
Add-on condensing capability for oil-fired boilers ó Potterton Commercialís LogoCondense stainless-steel with CarboCondense condensing unit.

Potterton Commercial has introduced a high-output steel pressure-jet oil-fired boiler with condensing capability. The LogoCondense boiler is teamed up with CarboCondense, a patented carbon heat exchanger that can safely and efficiently condense and clean the boilerís flue gases. The company says that there is currently no other oil-fired boiler on the market with the carbon heat exchanger that is needed for this type of boiler to operate in condensing mode.

The external condensing heat exchanger increases efficiency when used with oil by 8.5%. It can also be used with gas to increase efficiency by 14%.

LogoCondense with CarboCondense is available in two models with outputs of 98 and 131 kW. They can be installed as part of a low-carbon replacement heating system that can be integrated with other LZC technologies.

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